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Virgin Media to raise their prices again

# Aug 5, 01:29 PM by Cable Forum

Hot off the tail of a recent BBC Watchdog Investigation, in to Slow Broadband speeds, Virgin Media is to raise their prices again, raising customer concerns regarding value for money. New customers will be hit with the new pricing structure straight away, existing customers will see prices rise from 1st November 2017.

The current changes to the pricing structure will be as follows:

Player bundle £33 a month for 12 months then £48 a month
Mix bundle £45 a month for 12 months then £55 a month
Full House bundle £55 a month for 12 months then £70 a month
VIP bundle £90 a month for 12 months then £125 a month

Player bundle, Mix bundle, Full House bundle all have 100Mbps broadband as standard

VIP bundle has 300Mbps broadband as standard subject to availability in your area.

Changes to students 9 month broadband contracts:

50Mbps up £7 to £33 a month
100Mbps up £3 to £39 a month
200Mbps up £3 to £44 a month
300Mbps package down £2 a month to £49

Virgin Media said they are in the process of contacting customers regarding the changes.

A Price increase, usually provides a ‘get out of contract free’ clause.

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