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Re: Moans and Pet Hates part 8

I used to get text messages when the nurse at my GPs practice did them but NHS Lanarkshire, Scotland in there wisdom decided to make these injections at the local health clinics so now I've to go where lets just say undesirables seem to be. I have since worked out a way in where our paths do not cross and I usually pick appointments at 9am in where they are more than likely still in the land of nod. Tbh not looking forward to going tomorrow as no doubt the green liquid crew will be there aka Methadone patients.

The receptionist knows me so after tomorrow it will be back to my usual first appointment time I'm not a snob Osem but I just feel really uncomfortable around them as they seem to be in groups.

I'm going to ask about the text message service tomorrow, thank you for reminding me Osem.

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