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Re: Moans and Pet Hates part 8

@ weenie. Do not feel guilty just because you know what your sister will think. You have to know that you have done nothing to deserve the guilt trip you are contemplating. Your Father will enjoy his outing and he is aware that it is not your son's choice to not see him to-day.

As for them not phoning him, if it really bothers you then you phone him on behalf of your boys, wish him Happy Birthday and a pleasant evening then hang up sharply before he has a chance to make any comment.

Raise a glass to the old curmudgeon, I nearly used a much more accurate description but he is not worth me being reprimanded by a mod for bad language, when you have your family meal to-night and next time you see him tell him his grandsons were disappointed that HE chose not to see them on such a milestone birthday.

As for putting your husbands details on the alert system I think that your husband's suggestion is the best thing you can do. You will still be alerted if your Dad needs assistance but it may just deter him from using it as a way to manipulate your good nature.

Look after yourself sweetie, you are important and do not deserve to be manipulated by this selfish couple of so called relatives.
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