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Cable Forum has reached the bronze age
Cable Forum has reached the bronze ageCable Forum has reached the bronze age
Topics & Posting

Cable Forum's ethos is to provide support and assistance to those using or interested in UK Cable Services. The Virgin Media and other IT areas of the board are thus our priority. Cable services cannot be viewed in isolation, so topic areas exist for other technologies. We recognise that a healthy site requires stimulus for it's community and hence the other discussion areas are provided.

Our origins were under the nthellworld website banner. The name change to Cable Forum was triggered by a desire to take a more balanced and proactive view. Inevitably forums attract more posts from those who are dissatisfied than happy with matters, and we recognise that people will wish to be critical. All we ask is that content is balanced and factual with the aim of helping members to understand the issue, and perhaps suggest resolutions.

When starting new topics, please select the correct board area. Each does have an established description for it's typical content. Try and select a thread title that reasonably describes the topic. For example is seeking assistance, putting a title of "Help" alone, won't encourage many to read the message. Please check with the search function that a topic on the subject isn't already under way, as we don't like duplicates. However if after a few months a thread has become inactive, starting a new topic may be preferable to bumping an old one.

Everyone is welcome to participate in threads. We simply ask that topic starters and subsequent replies are balanced and objective, and remain within the subject matter. If starting discussions, ideally provide a link to a web article, or other source that prompted your posting. Similarly links may be appropriate to back up your stance during a debate. If you are seeking assistance with a problem, try to be descriptive as to the difficulties and how they occur, the equipment involved and what steps you have tried to resolve it.

Members should debate the topic of the post, rather than their opinion of the person making the post. Please try to offer constructive comment, be that for or against the issue. Avoid getting dragged into mud slinging and show some respect for your fellow forum users. It's is all too easy to hide behind a keyboard and yet you would never contemplate saying something to someone if face to face. Take particular care if quoting a user that any generalised comment you might make is not taken by some as being aimed at the quoted individual. We will take a harsh view of anyone whose behaviour is aggressive or insulting, or where content could cause alarm, harassment or distress. There is a user ignore feature on the board which can be used to hide posts from members that you persistently disagree with. You can be contentious, provided that you can show objectivity and relevance to the debate.

Users have a short period of time when they may edit their posts, after which only the Cable Forum Team may make changes. Please be mindful when posting content that we do not remove content or close threads simply because a forum member no longer wishes it to be available. By posting the user is the author and accepts responsibility for the content, Cable Forum is simply the publisher.

Our forum etiquette guide elaborates on some matters.
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