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  1. Anyone got any pictures of a green cabinet inside
  2. Trailing wire for building, where is it put?
  3. are 50MB installs still having activation delays?
  4. Type of cable? RG11/RG6
  5. I want Cable!
  6. Cable outside my house - spotter says no permission to dig
  7. Excess cable
  8. They canceled my app with 1 hour to go
  9. Cant Get Cable? - Maybe We Can Help!
  10. didnt know dick turpin worked for VM
  11. Missed Installation - Help Please
  12. wall socket cable and coaxial cable
  13. WGR614v9 - wired connection OK but wireless not working
  14. Virgin Media keep cancelling installation due to staggering operational incompetence
  15. installation worries
  16. Card pairing
  17. Modem activation issue - Ex NTL
  18. Two Virgin Connections... Help
  19. Virgin media cut my live cable
  20. Virgin Media Cut my Live Cable and dont bother to fix it
  21. Installation on Wednesday... Amazed already!
  22. Installation of Vigin media - Repair needs doing outside of house first
  23. New VM Instalation Questions
  24. Installation on a Sunday?
  25. what a joke!!
  26. problems at VM with broadband activations?
  27. tv b/b cableing question , help please .
  28. Installation Tomorrow
  29. No cable for me!
  30. Photos of recent successful installations?
  31. Spotters / contractors....
  32. will virgin media turn up on installation day?
  33. Is cable installed?
  34. how long after installation wil iit take for my virgin internet and tv to be activate
  35. how long will it take from installation day for me to have to pay my first bill
  36. Cancel Service and renewing
  37. xxl bb install
  38. Virgin Media TV unavailable in my area...?
  39. Virgin Media Phone Socket
  40. 50mb Broadband Installation
  41. VBpx self installation help please!
  42. New build in a serviceable area, apparently not serviceable....
  43. co-ax cable from street cab.
  44. Virgin Media Fibre questions (wall connections, previous installations, etc.)
  45. BT line after number is ported
  46. 50Mb Install Query
  47. Additional V+ box installed - now original V+ box won't work
  48. Is my welcome letter different from my welcome pack?
  49. Quickstart installation help please
  50. Moving the cable to another room
  51. VM Dilemma..VM vs Sky!
  52. Wonder what my install date really is?
  53. Severe issues with netgear WGR614v9
  54. Virgin+ Connected to Panasonic DVD Recorder
  55. New Virgin customer, need advice re: fresh install.
  56. New Install...I need a bigger hole!?
  57. No email address
  58. New Build In Serviced Street
  59. V+ and additional box installation query
  60. Just had me install and it was me m8 that did it :)
  61. 50MB Installation, Different Room
  62. New install advice (cables removed)
  63. Temporarily away from home, Virgin Media wont let me use my account.
  64. Big dilemma now!
  65. Complete newbie
  66. Hi just need to know something about my install
  67. Hi just got off the phone with a sales person from virgin
  68. N Router
  69. Advice...Moving From Sky+ HD & BT Broadband
  70. Sign contract but?
  71. Installation gone horribly wrong
  72. Virgin HD+ one input HDMI and one input aerial. Is it possible ?
  73. Virginmedia Email
  74. Problems signing up for Virgin Media
  75. Do Virgin Answer Calls?
  76. Appalling service
  77. Moving to complete new VM installation - some advice please?
  78. Cable splitter - is it straightforward?
  79. Quick Start Install Question.
  80. Install question
  81. New N router
  82. VM Cable Splitting Issues
  83. Moving House
  84. TV Installation - weird placement problem?
  85. Moving from Sky to Virgin, a bit confused
  86. Help making Wireless into Wired
  87. What exactly does the install involve?
  88. Advice on moving my broadband connection
  89. Wireless set up can't recognise wireless card in XP x64. HELP!
  90. I need to have both wired and wireless connection
  91. STILL waiting........
  92. Number Port Problem - One Very Angry Customer!
  93. VM pushing back install date because of bad scouts, seeking advice
  94. address issue
  95. Self install didn't work
  96. No show engineer call outs are just not acceptable!
  97. Remote not working
  98. Bullied into contract by spotter?
  99. They didn't fix the wires tightly to the wall outside...
  100. bringing broadband into the house
  101. V+...How many boxes?
  102. Getting service
  103. fibre4MK - a campaign to upgrade analogue cable in Milton Keynes
  104. Installation Question (regarding Pin)
  105. Three appointments and three no shows!
  106. Adding TV and Phone services
  107. Installation methods (?)
  108. installation questions
  109. Adding a wire
  110. Well Done Virgin!!!!
  111. Help, nobody turned up for my installation
  112. 6 Weeks and now they tell me it can't be done.
  113. Online order
  114. cable installation where we had cable before
  115. Moving a broadband entry point
  116. Happy customer
  117. Quick Question
  118. Installation into new Flats via "common box"
  119. Spotters
  120. Nightmare sales department
  121. Installation Times
  122. Relocating modem using existing household coax
  123. Oh dear...
  124. Installation question!
  125. I got a question
  126. Virgin broadband setup problem
  127. installation upstairs
  128. HELP! Virgin man taken my box!
  129. Omnibox location question
  130. What's A Re-pull?
  131. Splitter help needed
  132. Using a "Netgear" router on a iMac. (Or not!)
  133. vanishing install date
  134. Virgin cable TV and rooftop digital aerial
  135. Virgin Media crimp tool
  136. Cable Company Box, Can I Claim Rent?
  137. Absolutely disgusted need answers.
  138. New Contract and already moving house!
  139. Failed installation despite previous cable connection.
  140. Can I get a straight answer?
  141. Broadband, TV and Phone line installation
  142. Installation woes!
  143. NOt happy with Virgin installation, now they want more money!
  144. V+ remote problems
  145. No email address
  146. Dodgy Database
  147. Virgin Install Damage
  148. Shared House, Why Can't get 2 lines?
  149. Routing internal cables
  150. New Broadband Installation- Can not reach activation site
  151. Double Cross
  152. Cable cabinate on my land but I cannot get cable?
  153. Installing Cable in a one off new build
  154. New Samsung box
  155. New Installation what to expect
  156. TV Installatation
  157. How the cable network works?
  158. help required
  159. 20mb installation
  160. Moving my Cable AMbit 256 Modem
  161. Broadband/Phone installation and block paving driveways
  162. Bees!
  163. 50mb installation
  164. Installation (partial) Success
  165. Instalation question.
  166. New Box Installed Friday - Still No TV Choice On Demand
  167. Too Much Cable installed
  168. Virgin Media Installation.
  169. A few questions
  170. Does BT line get chopped after Virgin install?
  171. Second V+ box (and installation thereof)
  172. Getting 50 meg - Anything to look out 4 during the install?
  173. Why no terrestrial channels anymore?
  174. Upgrade from 20 to 50Mb question
  175. The Worst Customer Service Imaginable
  176. Questions on new install
  177. Virgin Media? Never again. (Long post - be warned!)
  178. Another Installation thread... :)
  179. More installation Woes
  180. Moving House
  181. Upgrade to 50mb today
  182. Installation next week - any advice?
  183. VM wireless routers - The saga
  184. installation of 2 V+ boxes
  185. HELP - which co-ax?
  186. How to get VM to run cable through BT underground trunking
  187. connection
  188. Virgin's network areas and fiber services
  189. upgrading to vip package
  190. connecting a 2nd tv
  191. Virgin Cabinet box outside my house
  192. Any engineers in the ts17 area that can help me
  193. Moving Home Install Misery!
  194. What type of cable?
  195. grey box outside
  196. What are they like?
  197. What a difference 50cm makes...
  198. I've seen a small bit of road digging
  199. My Upgrade 'Experience'
  200. Phone in, TV and Broadband Out
  201. Am I really not in a cable area?
  202. Are all instalations like this?
  203. Not In A Virgin Media Area, Is There Anything I Can Do To Get It Connected
  204. Out of coverage by 1 house!
  205. What size drill
  206. Should I continue with my installation ?
  207. Cables hanging off the wall
  208. V+ & move STB query
  209. Install location question
  210. Order Query
  211. Well, I'm stumped [Connection = No Connection. What?]
  212. Expand network
  213. selfcare
  214. Question re Install
  215. Cant share connection from modem
  216. To move VM box fro Room A to Room B
  217. Old faulty STB replaced, now no teletext, and ch 1 to 5 on tv's just thro ch6 (cable)
  218. No TV / Internet / Phone - Cut Cable
  219. Wall Boxes
  220. Losing internet connection almost every hour!
  221. oh dear its broked!
  222. the box outside my property
  223. New/Old Shark problem
  224. VM Install query
  225. NETGEAR ROUTER WRG614 v9 help plz
  226. Denon ADV 1000 codes anyone please?
  227. Virgin Media install Help!
  228. V+ Connectivity to AV and TV
  229. scart and coax connections
  230. Will this work?
  231. V+ installation issues
  232. Cable in a flat?
  233. split cable - bad signal..
  234. virgin ducts
  235. House move troubles. Disputed cable area.
  236. Virgin Media unservicable property investigations
  237. Customer service have no record of my installation?
  238. Virgin post code checker
  239. Something bad and unfair about Virgin Media
  240. contractors
  241. BT AND Virgin both serving 1 line
  242. V+ Installation Questions
  243. Cable in Isle of Dogs (Canary Wharf) E14
  244. Panasonic EX768EB Connection problems!! HELP!
  245. Can they install virgin media on the 2nd floor?
  246. New Virgin Media Customer Query.
  247. Virgin HD in multiple rooms
  248. Cable Install
  249. Move or extend cable access point?
  250. Router doesn't work after switching from STB to modem -- help please :)

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