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  1. Cable Box Remote Code
  2. upgrading XL to XXL
  3. connecting everything together
  4. Installation Hell - 2 months an still no services
  5. Installation Question...
  6. Home Move Confusion.
  7. New Installation - How to present Coax
  8. How do I get my free Wireless N Dongle?
  9. 3 weeks to wait for installation?
  10. DIY cable under concrete - size?
  11. Basingstoke install no show
  12. Quick start installation
  13. Installation friday... what to expect?
  14. Just restored my computer to factory settings and now I cant connect to the internet
  15. Help running cable to upstairs room
  16. virgin media in tower hamlets e1
  17. 45 Days of Waiting
  18. V+ HD box (old style SA box) died within 5 minutes of installation
  19. Cancelling renewed Virgin Media contract
  20. I need help moving Broadband from one room to another
  21. Cable without Install?
  22. Wayleave problems
  23. Disgusting mess left by Virgin Media installers
  24. Kelly communication?!
  25. V+ HD and Second TV on RF
  26. virgin router issue
  27. XXL BB Installation
  28. v+hd
  29. Cable overground
  30. Installation Soon, Advice Needed
  31. 2nd time lucky...
  32. £30 credit in "TECHNICAL STUFF"
  33. Virgin Media Home visit
  34. Installation over 10metres?
  35. Reconnecting to Virgin broadband
  36. When will I get Connected!
  37. Virgin wont install in bedsit
  38. Swap V+ Box For Normal
  39. VM New customer (to be!)
  40. Virgin HD being installed tomorrow
  41. Not exactly installation but..
  42. Second TV
  43. house not "listed" help required
  44. VM on new developments
  45. Connection from Virgin+ HD box to Home Theatre System?
  46. Old dog new tricks?
  47. Virgin Spotter not responding :( for new install
  48. Activation Problems
  49. Virgin Installation Tips
  50. Installation guy cut off sky
  51. Appalling Support.
  52. Wireless Router
  53. Told 28 days now 12 days in and now I am told 7 days not happy.
  54. Brown Box on Wall knacked
  55. Old Telewest Infrastructure
  56. New to Virgin Media
  57. Installation standards
  58. How many devices?
  59. Timescale for New Build Manager
  60. Install + Construction Issues
  61. Can't Purchase internet via £35 installtion
  62. A few Pre install questions if I may?!
  63. Installation Questions
  64. Will Virgin Tidy up spare cable for free?
  65. Removing old C&W equipment
  66. Feeding terrestrial digital tv through VM's cables?
  67. Virgin media Engineer in Coulsdon / Purley are needed.
  68. Install Next Week
  69. Getting driveway done but cable running under my grass
  70. Phone keeps cutting off every weekend
  71. Install Advice
  72. Installation queries
  73. Intall next week - Worried!
  74. Virgin Media Nightmare
  75. Installation advice
  76. PC Screen & Virgin Media
  77. New Install
  78. hdmi and scart
  79. cant use sony freeview recorder as well
  80. "You'll never have cable"
  81. How does RG6 connector work?
  82. Wiring help / diagram needed for VM fixed line
  83. Cables and boxes on the outer wall
  84. Install scheduled for next week....what should I ask and check
  85. Virgin Install that never happened
  86. TV does not switch to cable channel automatically anymore
  87. V+ Memory
  88. Down the drive...
  89. can i swap v+ box for mine
  90. Remote control code for DGM 2261WCR?
  91. V+ Issues with Optical Sound Lead
  92. NTL box
  93. Refurbing flat, want to hide wires
  94. Who to speak to?
  95. Shocking customer service
  96. I can't get cable but my neighbours can.
  97. 2nd box
  98. Modem in the roofspace
  99. 50mb self-install
  100. Virgin Installation New Build - Few Questions on Positioning
  101. Removing the cable
  102. Getting rather hacked off with VMs construction dept.
  103. Just dumped VM for Sky.....
  104. Virgin Media In My Area?
  105. What is the point in choosing 2 dates/times for VM to install?
  106. Installation charge for installing V+ HD?
  107. No issues, just a big thums up for VM
  108. Self-defeating volume control!
  109. dimensions of V+HD box
  110. Im getting a Servicability Visit today!
  111. what cable to install
  112. Moving phone from Sky impossible!
  113. Good news! Help?
  114. 1 Month and no Phone
  115. Spotters says no TV, but broadband&phone, alright
  116. Waiting for "Construction Issue"
  117. Virgin Media Removal
  118. Long shared driveway - Will VM consider installation?
  119. Reposition VM modem
  120. Extra tv box question.
  121. Repurpose a Cable?
  122. Household wiring
  123. Switching from national to cable at the same property
  124. Bad Cable Laying, Phone Sockets?
  125. Horizontal lines across tv screen on HDMI
  126. Cabling for Virgin cable and roof-top aerials
  127. Cable up the wall.
  128. Installations
  129. Installations
  130. Just had VM Bundle Installed...Overview
  131. Evening Install (or after 4.30pm)
  132. Quick Q for resident installers
  133. Block of flats: VM postcode check confusing
  134. Telephone issue
  135. Had installation 2 days ago, but want to move wires?
  136. Information on V+ hd box
  137. Moving internet feed
  138. Anyone in Old Windsor SL4 area with actual cable?
  139. Phone line termination
  140. Moving house and services
  141. Southampton, no VM, but CATV everywhere...
  142. What the hell?
  143. 1st Experience of VM Install
  144. hooking up tv, dvdr and virgin v-box
  145. help required
  146. Magic green box
  147. Waiting for a repull
  148. Can't complete installation wizard
  149. sockets and wires
  150. Samsung SMT2110C VBox not booting up properly
  151. Stuck on Virgin Media's 'Wireless Setup' (red page) screen - doing WGR614V9 install
  152. re-route cable
  153. Virgin say they can't give me the TV, but a friends has it 2 minutes away from me
  154. Disgusting Connection/installment VM
  155. Advice on contacting someone who cares?
  156. Computer say no!
  157. VM Telephone ... who contacts BT me or VM? Conflicting answers need advice
  158. Virgin Media installed - but I didn't order it!
  159. Spotter not turning up!
  160. Considering Virgin - Paved Garden?
  161. Town House Installation Problem
  162. Need 15m of Virgin Coax (UTFC-T10)
  163. cabling before driveway done
  164. Installation day
  165. Repair Times
  166. is my install possible?
  167. what cable do Virgin Media use from outside to the modem inside
  168. Installation tomorrow - Best Modem/Router and Optimal power levels
  169. Moving home within contract
  170. Self install delivery info?
  171. Underground Cables
  172. Mashed Virgin Media Junction Box Number 2
  173. More no shows from VM Installations
  174. I have just had the best VM engineer ever!!!
  175. cable routing
  176. Moving house, moving to cable
  177. Re-use of VM cable
  178. 2 connections and splitting signal
  179. Fibre optic but no TV?
  180. i want VM but not got cable
  181. Engineer bumps and no show
  182. Virgin Cutting Sky Cable
  183. Cable Help Needed
  184. VM Installation begins
  185. vm to install hd box advise
  186. what cable type is used?
  187. Terrible service
  188. v+ HD installation questions
  189. Virgin Complaints Department Worse than Customer Service!
  190. slope and signal levels do u understand them?
  191. Quickest way to get an install done?
  192. Complete joke of a company
  193. Wiring
  194. Giving up with Virgin after over 12 Years
  195. a question about installing a second virgin media set top box
  196. Connection questions
  197. Negligent Install
  198. Installation Query
  199. Terrible install
  200. New Installation Problems
  201. Second STB installation query
  202. question
  203. new install, got no idea
  204. Problems TV & Modem Part 2
  205. Over 2 month wait for installation & poor customer service
  206. Wayleave Torture
  207. Installation booked, few questions.
  208. 50Mb Install - CD-ROM drive needed?
  209. Virgin Install
  210. Help needed with Netbook
  211. Installing Phone Line?
  212. 50mb router questions
  213. Cancelled installation
  214. Wireless Manager Question
  215. Moved into new house but VM say an account is already active?
  216. V+ and Sound bar problems
  217. Free upgrade (2mb - 10mb) Issue.
  218. Any chance of getting cable
  219. Cancelled Installation and cut off Internet - Can anyone help?
  220. Install due 28th Jan... Info/advice needed :)
  221. Installation question
  222. 5th Time Lucky?
  223. Virgin Media Installation - No Show and still no service
  224. Denon AVR2310 - Does anyone have the code for the v plus box for the denon remote
  225. Installation tomorrow!!
  226. New cable Installation
  227. new customer wants to move address but has outstanding bill?
  228. Had VIP pack installed today but??
  229. Wot no installation!
  230. Problem with TV/Modem
  231. Cabinet doors wide open
  232. Help with connecting Samsung VBox to Samsung HT-TZ225 digital system
  233. New customer
  234. Standard Installation?
  235. New VM install Help.
  236. wire through house?
  237. V+ Samsung Box
  238. TV Cable replacement
  239. New Modem
  240. Checking cable coverage
  241. My installation nightmare
  242. Installation guys took a cable from underneath hedge and left in front garden...
  243. Virgin Media Installation problem
  244. Screwed By Virgin!
  245. Changed address - Can't move services
  246. Another Virgin (Non) Installation Nightmare
  247. Junction Box Position - where do I stand?
  248. Virgin installation nightmare
  249. Well done Virgin :D
  250. Installation complete, but no broadband

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