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  1. Cable depth/armour (old install)
  2. Virgin Install Technicians
  3. Loss of analogue channels- new set-up help required
  4. Split pit connections
  5. Will i ever get installed?!
  6. Advice on wayleave documents
  7. Upgrade from SDTV to TiVo
  8. Downgraded services - tech calling to collect VHD box.
  9. Unable to connect Samsung Plasma TV via HDMI to V+ box
  10. Help to get building connected to Virgin Media
  11. Contact Impossible
  12. Installing a V+HD box.
  13. 'Not financially viable'!
  14. Install Question (s)
  15. Can anyone help speed up my installation?
  16. Package Help!?
  17. Connecting up V+, DVD and TV
  18. signing for the delivery of a new hub
  19. Customer service gave me ultimatum.
  20. Vm engineers are a pain
  21. New installation
  22. How Overworked are the Installers?
  23. Help!! Suggestions needed in upgrading and transferring service
  24. extending broadband cable?
  25. Virgin Installation damaged by Bay Window, will I get compensation?
  26. Installation Help Please
  27. Install without TV or computer
  28. Cannot complain with service
  29. swires meter
  30. recabling
  31. is the over 18 policy strictly enforced?
  32. Very disappointed with service - nearly two months, still no install
  33. Moveing to new house
  34. Installation in a housing association flat
  35. First post
  36. Moving my internet into the same room as my TV
  37. Health & Safety query for ladder work?
  38. Virgin Media setup
  39. H&S Issues with NTL Distribution Box!!!???
  40. Cable had been cut
  41. Wall socket wiring
  42. Virgin Media denying installation
  43. virgin media moving home contract issues
  44. Can't wire Internet in my room
  45. Moving House Twice Within A Year
  46. Very Poor Service
  47. Do they allow self install ?
  48. TiVo user guide/manual
  49. Absolute Shambles
  50. relocating
  51. Getting Tivo - can I keep my V+ HD box for a bit?
  52. VM Installation woes
  53. Virgin Media Installation Dates
  54. Moving house
  55. Tivo none install
  56. Practical information on installation for Broadband
  57. Surely this isn't right?
  58. Site survey - how to schedule a visit?
  59. Crimping the Exterior Cable
  60. Old Telewest wall unit in new flat - what is it?
  61. Happy Customer
  62. We're coming tomorrow!!
  63. complaint advice
  64. Tidying Cables
  65. Is It Possible to Run Two wireless Routers With VM Superhub
  66. Is it possible to combine virgin cable broadband and normal terrestrial TV?
  67. Unable to find address when registering
  68. When is a customer not an asset?
  69. Moving ISP in old house-routing issue?
  70. Installer just left - I AM FURIOUS
  71. Extending cable
  72. Cable line cut by construction next door
  73. Need advice with new flat not on VM system
  74. Design questions: Ingress/rack/cinema
  75. Installation and Infrastructure Q&A's
  76. Cable Issues
  77. Re-locate Equipment
  78. LG Home Cinema Set Up - Help Needed
  79. Tivo installation
  80. Multi room installation?
  81. Nightmare
  82. New install - wiring questions
  83. Cable from splitter to Superhub is?
  84. Moving House - And the good news is.....
  85. Probably the ugliest equipment and install I have ever seen
  86. Connecting V box to aerial point
  87. Where is cable in N Cornwall?
  88. 2 TVs from 1 v box
  89. cable length
  90. Extra V+ HD next week
  91. Can I just cut the cable?
  92. Install Teams- Scope and Capability
  93. moving to a new property with no services
  94. samsung LED 6510+volume remote
  95. VM Coax & Box
  96. Electrician
  97. VM outside cable loose and need VM to reattach
  98. External over roof installation options?
  99. Moving the TV connection
  100. How to get an install?
  101. Complete Newbie! What does install involve?
  102. Can't talk to modem
  103. Should they have replaced cable?
  104. Q re installation (tomorrow!)
  105. Need to move where the internet cable comes in to the house.
  106. virgin with old ntl cable? little worried
  107. New Install - selecting install location
  108. cable tv isolator
  109. Need help tuning set top box to TV Tuner Card
  110. Neighbours installation fubars my cable!
  111. Confusion about installation date!
  112. time to get going
  113. Are spotters usually pushy?
  114. setting up a second tv for vm + hd
  115. Samsung V+ HD power lead
  116. New Install
  117. Virgin Media Installation Nightmare!!
  118. Any installers in Blackpool Area?
  119. Um Help :)
  120. 3 month installation hell
  121. Waited in for no-show - said I had phoned and cancelled and refused to take complaint
  122. Query over pre-installation prep
  123. New Customer Install
  124. Virgin internet frequently dropping off
  125. v+ to surround sound
  126. VM Partner Rates woes
  127. need help with watching tv in another room
  128. virgin media service absolutely shocking
  129. New install a liitle worried
  130. Having Virgin Media on a 2nd TV?
  131. Setting up cable Internet
  132. VM - Incompetence and worse
  133. Installation no-show
  134. Its (mostly) all about the phone
  135. Cable from street cut.....issue?
  136. What would you do if Virgin Media flooded your house?
  137. 2 accounts in to 1 at new house
  138. Virgin media installation internet help!
  139. 2nd V+ box questions
  140. V+ / TV / Blueray-surround connections?
  141. V+ HD Boxes on Ebay - A question
  142. VirginMedia Installation Delay - Unprofessional Customer Service
  143. Splitter.
  144. prob with new v+ hd box/control
  145. Replacement hub on it's way by courier - do I box the other up?
  146. At upgrade install can i move equipment
  147. Activation charges
  148. Anyone know where I can get a right angled f connector?
  149. First time install across block paving
  150. About a Shop
  151. Installation Questions
  152. V+ Box delivery
  153. RG11 Repull timescale?
  154. reset v+ box to factory settings
  155. How to get VM to do a re-pull
  156. no cable to my house
  157. new install, advice about a required repull needed PLEASE!
  158. AGHHHH- VM has been a nightmare
  159. New Samsung TV - remote volume problem
  160. virgin first time installation queries
  161. Moving a V+ box
  162. RF Modulators/Coaxial convertors
  163. Where around Canary Wharf can I get Virgin Cable broadband?
  164. Virgin media! Grrrrrr!
  165. Ladder Too Short!!
  166. Not a good start.
  167. Best Cable for Virgin Media
  168. I'm fuming
  169. Neighbour left/right have Fibre broadband but I don’t can’t why ?
  170. VM a joke?
  171. Hub query
  172. Digital in 2 rooms
  173. Postcode Check 500 server error
  174. My VM Install Nightmare
  175. Phone not available problem
  176. Internal Wiring a Mess
  177. Moving, got a question...
  178. Questions
  179. Modem query
  180. First class support following drill and pipe incident
  181. Reported vandalised cabinet today!
  182. self Install Query
  183. Duff Set Top Box?
  184. Help Please
  185. New 50Mb Install
  186. How to move Virgin TV to other room?
  187. Brown NTL/Virgin External Drop Box
  188. Flat directly downstairs can get 50mb but max I can get is 4.5mb?
  189. Installation of 50mb service and modem power levels
  190. No Installtion Disc And Virgin Media Wont Send Anover
  191. No connection
  192. Virgin Media TV and broadband off for more than a week and no info...
  193. block paving and installation
  194. How to lengthen cable?
  195. Moving house question
  196. What leads? Help !
  197. Install question
  198. Frustrating Virgin Installation Problems
  199. Help - cut cable, 1 week no service and 1 month wait for new install
  200. installation quere
  201. Installation Query
  202. House serviceable or not
  203. v+ box smart card
  204. Cable Box Remote Code
  205. upgrading XL to XXL
  206. connecting everything together
  207. Installation Hell - 2 months an still no services
  208. Installation Question...
  209. Home Move Confusion.
  210. New Installation - How to present Coax
  211. How do I get my free Wireless N Dongle?
  212. 3 weeks to wait for installation?
  213. DIY cable under concrete - size?
  214. Basingstoke install no show
  215. Quick start installation
  216. Installation friday... what to expect?
  217. Just restored my computer to factory settings and now I cant connect to the internet
  218. Help running cable to upstairs room
  219. virgin media in tower hamlets e1
  220. 45 Days of Waiting
  221. V+ HD box (old style SA box) died within 5 minutes of installation
  222. Cancelling renewed Virgin Media contract
  223. I need help moving Broadband from one room to another
  224. Cable without Install?
  225. Wayleave problems
  226. Disgusting mess left by Virgin Media installers
  227. Kelly communication?!
  228. V+ HD and Second TV on RF
  229. virgin router issue
  230. XXL BB Installation
  231. v+hd
  232. Cable overground
  233. Installation Soon, Advice Needed
  234. 2nd time lucky...
  235. £30 credit in "TECHNICAL STUFF"
  236. Virgin Media Home visit
  237. Installation over 10metres?
  238. Reconnecting to Virgin broadband
  239. When will I get Connected!
  240. Virgin wont install in bedsit
  241. Swap V+ Box For Normal
  242. VM New customer (to be!)
  243. Virgin HD being installed tomorrow
  244. Not exactly installation but..
  245. Second TV
  246. house not "listed" help required
  247. VM on new developments
  248. Connection from Virgin+ HD box to Home Theatre System?
  249. Old dog new tricks?
  250. Virgin Spotter not responding :( for new install

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