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  1. 10M linksys router with 60 Mb BB
  2. 100M What is happening?
  3. Superhub Broadband down
  4. 100M Wondering.... upgrading to 100m or 120 when it comes
  5. 30M Virgin Media to be on Watchdog
  6. 10M Upgrading to 30M Costs
  7. Superhub Modem Mode + Cisco EA4500 = Hell
  8. Superhub Upstream Power level too low.
  9. 50M Service Issues in Warrington
  10. 10M Sloooooow VM in Brighton.
  11. Superhub Crawley outage.
  12. VM Router Very angry customer - help
  13. Service outages PRESTON?
  14. 30M painfully slow this evening in WF17
  15. 100M What speed to expect ?
  16. 50M Upload Speed Increase (Coventry)
  17. cant access
  18. 30M No service LE3 Area + Mini Story = Potential head explosion *Proceed with caution*
  19. [Sept 29th '12] National Broadband Issues
  20. 30M They Call This Fixed
  21. Superhub PS3 Download Speed
  22. Superhub Difference In Speeds
  23. 100M Newsgroups
  24. Technical support shambles
  25. 100M Had tivo installed and additional box, HUB levels all ok?
  26. 100M 100m Upgrade. How long to kick in ?
  27. 50M Live chat option on the VM homepage?
  28. 100M Uddingston increased to 6 downstream channels
  29. 100M Where can I find out when my upload speed increases?
  30. 100M Coventry increased to 6 downstream channels
  31. 30M virgin internet down in newark area
  32. 20M Internet Connection SPeed (NTL 250)
  33. 30M Really bad service
  34. Superhub Why do I need an engineer for my 20Mb to 60Mb upgrade
  35. 50M Issues in Luton? (LU2 area)
  36. Superhub R36T13 Super Hub Firmware Trial
  37. Is this a Virgin Media Cabinet i see before me?
  38. 10M Almost not internet for 4 weeks
  39. 100M Virgins Infrastructure
  40. 100M Jack Dinn's JDAST
  41. 30M Help with friends connection
  42. 100M What could explain this?
  43. Superhub Hub software update
  44. 100M Loss of Internet connection
  45. 30M unexpected upload speed reduction
  46. Superhub Access to line statistics
  47. Superhub Another Superhub release soon?
  48. VM Backup and Storage
  49. Superhub Business cable Modem outage
  50. 50M Why is latency & jitter so bad on DOCSIS3?
  51. Superhub Can I swap my tivo box cable wire for my superhub cable wire?
  52. 30M Area ready for 120mbit?
  53. 100M Very intermittent service in the last 2-3 days
  54. Superhub Ports no longer being forwarded!
  55. Superhub Can a Super Hub update stop Homeplugs from working?
  56. 100M Acton UBR 100Mbit upgrade?
  57. 100M Virgin capping 100mb users@85mb?
  58. 50M 100mb cant get over 50mb and 60mb cant get over 30mb
  59. 20M VM sold my Broadband to another customer
  60. 50M Superhub VPN problem
  61. Superhub DDoS Protection
  62. 50M Shub reboots
  63. Superhub Blackberry 9900 Knock Outs The Super Hub Wireless
  64. Superhub Moving House Question
  65. 100M Question About Ethernet Wires
  66. Superhub Telnet / SSH connection dying
  67. 100M Able to cancel virgin within 30 days?
  68. 100M GigaNews VyprVPN error 628 + DL speed
  69. 100M Down from 8 channels to 6
  70. Superhub What MAC to clone on seperate router to keep same IP as superhub had?
  71. 100M Router and Speed
  72. 30M Really what is the problem here
  73. 100M CM18 speeds
  74. 20M not resolving through VM DNS servers
  75. Superhub Buffering of you tube
  76. 100M Question About Wires ?
  77. 100M Areas Upgraded to 120mb.Post your config/speed
  78. 100M Moved House, Internet Installed Today, Power Levels Ok?
  79. Superhub Power levels too high?
  80. 10M No Internet for a week - now it's fixed?
  81. VM Router FON Simpl & Security
  82. 100M Looking for a router 100Mb VM.
  83. 100M Decreasing Power Levels
  84. 50M Traffic Management - How does it affect me?
  85. VM Router 2 routers
  86. Superhub Recommend a router to use with SuperHub
  87. Does an upgrade mean THAT much real speed increase?
  88. 100M No Internet in Huddersfield Area?
  89. 10M Poor service from Virgin
  90. 100M Not getting near 100mb
  91. 20M Call to Tech sup ends very suspiciously
  92. Superhub Temperamental piece of...
  93. 100M ping and jitter
  94. 100M Speed Upgrade
  95. 20M Area 31 - Issues? (Lichfield / Burntwood)
  96. 50M Can anyone else accsss Diablo III or
  97. Superhub new Hub to be released?
  98. Superhub Problems setting up Netgear WN3000RP with Virgin Media
  99. Surge protecting your network
  100. 20M NTL Webspace down??
  101. Superhub I've run out of ports
  102. Superhub wireless off v modem mode
  103. Superhub Business SuperHub Question
  104. Upload speed on 60Mb?
  105. Superhub Finding out the best channel to use for my wifi
  106. 100M No Internet Until 29th Aug - PO2 Area
  107. 30M RG12
  108. 20M Blocking issue
  109. 100M Double Speed
  110. 20M Virgin Maintenance killed my connection?
  111. Usenet Retention
  112. 100M Line quality and jitter
  113. 20M Plug modem into second box cable point?
  114. Speedtest software
  115. 50M Traffic managed by mistake?
  116. 30M How unlimited is unlimited?
  117. Superhub Thinking of getting superhub
  118. Superhub Port scan on
  119. Superhub Virgin Media SuperHub 'upgrade' hangs up on IP phone punters
  120. Usenet Slow
  121. 30M Poor internet the last few days.
  122. 50M No Internet service for 3 days so far
  123. ADSL Charging to disconect out of contract ADSL
  124. Superhub I'm confused.
  125. Superhub anyone else SH resetting itself
  126. Superhub Broken Promise
  127. Superhub Dropped Packets
  128. Superhub Wireless problems
  129. Superhub wireless but not
  130. Area Fault - PA14
  131. 30M Email problem
  132. Superhub Wrong Superhub adapter?
  133. 30M Any problems in Lancing/Worthing?
  134. Superhub Wifi disconnecting
  135. 30M Blueyonder Games Site Down
  136. Superhub Real advantage(s) of 'Modem Only' mode?
  137. Major Broadband outage in St Albans & Hemel
  138. 20M Birmingham B42 speeds slow to nothing
  139. 100M 5m Ethernet Cable vs 10m, Any Difference ?
  140. 100M Superhub PS3 Keeps Disconnecting
  141. 100M Superhub not in modem only mode?
  142. 100M Exposed VM coax cable in junction box
  143. 20M Modem Problems
  144. 50M Is Super Hub not so Super?
  145. Superhub Just got connected to VM
  146. Superhub Superhub Problem
  147. How to forward Web eMail ?
  148. 10M Upgrading 10M > 60M + SuperHub
  149. Superhub Virgin Media Business 50MB Download 5MB Upload Static IP
  150. VM Router how about my superhub router after cancellation of contract
  151. Superhub New Super Hub now cannot send e-mails
  152. Superhub Superhub speeds on 100M
  153. 50M Upstream congestion - business service
  154. Superhub Tod esablished
  155. 100M unable to send email
  156. 100M Is there a direct number for VM tech support in the UK?
  157. 100M Is this true in regards to a new Install?
  158. 30M IPv6 addressing
  159. Superhub Virgin Media Super Hub. Poor Wifi connection
  160. Superhub How reliable are Upload-Download Stats
  161. 20M What speed should i get?
  162. Superhub Big Problem with SuperHub??
  163. 50M New VM Cable connection/Router settings?
  164. 30M Finally had enough of VM BS...........
  165. 100M Constant Drops While Gaming
  166. Superhub Samsung Blu-Ray player won't connect?
  167. Superhub getting 30mb download not 60mb
  168. 100M Upgrade to 120mbit delayed?
  169. Superhub Superhub or Not
  170. 60 meg Upgraded HELP WITH GEARS OF WAR 2
  171. VM Router Virgin media home hub
  172. 50M New VM account/Traffic Management
  173. Superhub YO YO speeds and unreliable connection
  174. 30M Virgin make misleading claims regarding its broadband
  175. 30M R36 - Superhub - Gaming Latency (PS3)
  176. 100M News: VM Possible Future 200mbps or Higher
  177. Superhub Thinkbroadband graph has the wrong readings
  178. 100M Slow as hell
  179. 100M STM
  180. Superhub IP Flood Detection
  181. Superhub VM street furniture.
  182. Superhub 60Mb
  183. Superhub Netgear adaptor.
  184. Superhub Happy Superhub User
  185. 30M on Superhub connection list??
  186. 100M Virgin Fair use
  187. 100M Bexley Overscribed area?
  188. 50M Why the bad connection?
  189. Superhub Broadband Quality Monitor stating my router is off
  190. 100M 60Mb & 100Mb
  191. Superhub only got one download channel
  192. 10M FREE Speed Upgrade
  193. Superhub Superhub Settings
  194. 50M LOL My Broadbandspeed has gone up not
  195. Superhub Modem mode problem?
  196. 100M Why all the hate?
  197. Superhub R36 All speed gone
  198. 10M Virgin Media Upgrade
  199. 50M Latency level question
  200. Superhub power levels & temperature
  201. Superhub New superhub firmware question
  202. 100M Looking for new router
  203. Superhub 60mb - old modem
  204. 30M Double Speed
  205. 100M Intermittent issue in Glasgow area
  206. 100M Having problems with my 100mbit (T3 timeouts)
  207. Superhub Change Modem Mode IP from ?
  208. 10M a better deal
  209. 100M 100Mbs getting slower
  210. 50M No BB service since Friday - St neots/Huntingdon
  211. 100M Do New 100MB Customers Get 120MB?
  212. Superhub Lease Time remaining?
  213. Superhub problems since the new firmware release - only today
  214. Has anybody else spotted this? FLAW
  215. 100M 100Mb Woes
  216. Superhub Wireless Not Working At All
  217. 50M just has 60mb installed
  218. 100M Downsides to Downgrading?
  219. Superhub Whats the Latest.
  220. 100M 120 Mb/s SOON?
  221. Packages and Prices - Getting Overcharged?
  222. Superhub overheating
  223. Superhub R36 - Does It Retain Settings After Upgrade?
  224. 100M Is There Enough Bandwith For 100mb to be live
  225. 100M New service-status page
  226. 10M Ping Monitor Area: Brighton.
  227. 10M ASA refuses to uphold VM's complaint
  228. 50M What should I be paying?
  229. 30M Upgrade delayed massively
  230. Superhub My awful experience with Superhub and 60Mb - in pictures
  231. Superhub Superhub2
  232. 100M Terrible speeds from the last few days
  233. 10M Brighton service resumes.
  234. Superhub Internet radio cutting out
  235. Superhub upgrade has killed wifi connections.
  236. Terrible service for the last few days
  237. monitor user bandwidth usage (dd wrt routers only)
  238. Service Issues
  239. Superhub What settings are best for R36?
  240. ADSL Unable to connect to Outlook 2010 with Virgin
  241. 100M 100Mb/VMNG300/SuperHub
  242. Superhub Serious Wireless problems
  243. Superhub ip flood and post scan detection ???
  244. 100M Just got a warning letter
  245. 100M Find CMTS or UBR ip
  246. Superhub Need help please: Thanks in advance
  247. Superhub Business cable modem firmware and STM policy
  248. Superhub Better placement of antenna or upgrades?
  249. 100M Slower than normal upload speed, slowish browsing too
  250. Superhub Modem mode + Linksys EA4500 Router highly recommended but pricey at £130

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