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  1. 30M Severe speed reduction
  2. 100M issues with latency?
  3. Superhub No internet for two weeks!
  4. 100M Deep packet inspection in use?
  5. Superhub Internet on and off all night Leeds area
  6. YouTube Buffering Issues...
  7. 100M sloow dl speeds
  8. 100M 100mb issue
  9. Superhub Modem mode removes all advanced options ?
  10. Superhub Power Levels
  11. 100M Virginmedia broadband broken in the Cambridge(?) area
  12. 100M No Sync light...
  13. 10M My upload speeds
  14. 30M Unable to connect
  15. 100M Swansea now on 6 DS Channels.
  16. Lincoln on 2 upstreams
  17. Lincoln on 2 upstreams
  18. Superhub what causes this?
  19. 30M Super Hub settings ?
  20. Superhub Anyone using an Apple Airport Extreme or a different router?
  21. 50M cause of low snr on higher frequencies
  22. Superhub Virgin Superhub unable to download using Utorrent
  23. 50M 60Meg Back To The Dark Ages
  24. Superhub Superhub Activation IP Address?
  25. 3G better than VM's 60Mb?
  26. 100M For Comparison
  27. Superhub SuperHub loosing WAN IP
  28. Superhub Super Hub & Sky On Demand
  29. Superhub UPGRADED
  30. 30M upgrade from 30m to 60
  31. 10M BRIGHTON Major Works ?
  32. 100M Broadband is not working right
  33. 50M Slow in Edinburgh
  34. 20M Webstar modem and router
  35. Contract question
  36. Superhub New D/L Stream added, now slower!
  37. 100M Can I select which server to use
  38. 20M NTL Webspace down
  39. 30M Joining VM
  40. Slowed Down
  41. 50M State of Virgin Media Business service from new Malden
  42. 100M Intersting speed results after changing ethernet cable
  43. Superhub Replacing VM Superhub
  44. Superhub Retentions Deals
  45. Superhub Superhub in modem mode goes on strike
  46. 100M Any routing problems going on
  47. Superhub Superhub
  48. 100M Forward Path Attenuator required
  49. VM peering with LINX
  50. 30M Belfast speed problems
  51. Router Recommendations
  52. Superhub Firmware R37
  53. 100M P2P throttling at all times?
  54. Superhub Rx Power query
  55. Superhub Web pages not loading in wireless
  56. Superhub From 10Mbs to 30Mbs
  57. Superhub SuperHub swtich/hub
  58. 30M Traffic Management trial - 2012, 23rd October
  59. 120Mb live areas - Please add to this thread as your area comes online
  60. 50M Manchester - intermittent for the last couple of weeks?
  61. 100M Virgin Media To Have A New Revised Traffic Management Policy
  62. 100M greenbox written off (joyriders)
  63. Superhub Loss of wifi connection
  64. 100M What Is Considered as "good" jitter?
  65. 10M Speed Doubling Delay
  66. 100M Timeouts
  67. 100M Sleepy Head over 5MB upload ....
  68. 30M I give up
  69. 120Mbit on VMNG300
  70. 100M 7 downstream channels, yet still no upload or 120M upgrade?
  71. 100M Full 120/12meg upgrades rolling out in SO31 area now...
  72. Superhub Is Modem mode any faster than LAN
  73. Superhub Sorry, yet another superhub question!!
  74. 30M Anyone else getting speed issues? Islington, london, n1
  75. 100M downgrade
  76. Superhub Intermittent Internet
  77. Superhub Will old Modem still work after SH install??
  78. 30M Outage LE3
  79. Superhub Just got sh 30mb, want to switch to my existing
  80. Superhub Wireless range + speed
  81. 30M Slow/Intermittent Broadband
  82. 30M STM tallies data properly?
  83. 100M 100mb BB and Kaspersky internet security issue?
  84. Superhub Loss of connection problems
  85. Superhub where has the access list settings gone?
  86. 10M Can TP-Link TL-R460 router support 30 mbit
  87. 100M Slow
  88. Superhub MSN Messenger....
  89. 30M Strange response from faults
  90. 100M Lovefilm
  91. ADSL High latency for several days now
  92. 20M Recommend a router that works well with VM
  93. Superhub sorry but Im new! re superhub/upgrade and slow speed
  94. Superhub No Signal After Moving Cables
  95. 10M linksys router with 60 Mb BB
  96. 100M What is happening?
  97. Superhub Broadband down
  98. 100M Wondering.... upgrading to 100m or 120 when it comes
  99. 30M Virgin Media to be on Watchdog
  100. 10M Upgrading to 30M Costs
  101. Superhub Modem Mode + Cisco EA4500 = Hell
  102. Superhub Upstream Power level too low.
  103. 50M Service Issues in Warrington
  104. 10M Sloooooow VM in Brighton.
  105. Superhub Crawley outage.
  106. VM Router Very angry customer - help
  107. Service outages PRESTON?
  108. 30M painfully slow this evening in WF17
  109. 100M What speed to expect ?
  110. 50M Upload Speed Increase (Coventry)
  111. cant access
  112. 30M No service LE3 Area + Mini Story = Potential head explosion *Proceed with caution*
  113. [Sept 29th '12] National Broadband Issues
  114. 30M They Call This Fixed
  115. Superhub PS3 Download Speed
  116. Superhub Difference In Speeds
  117. 100M Newsgroups
  118. Technical support shambles
  119. 100M Had tivo installed and additional box, HUB levels all ok?
  120. 100M 100m Upgrade. How long to kick in ?
  121. 50M Live chat option on the VM homepage?
  122. 100M Uddingston increased to 6 downstream channels
  123. 100M Where can I find out when my upload speed increases?
  124. 100M Coventry increased to 6 downstream channels
  125. 30M virgin internet down in newark area
  126. 20M Internet Connection SPeed (NTL 250)
  127. 30M Really bad service
  128. Superhub Why do I need an engineer for my 20Mb to 60Mb upgrade
  129. 50M Issues in Luton? (LU2 area)
  130. Superhub R36T13 Super Hub Firmware Trial
  131. Is this a Virgin Media Cabinet i see before me?
  132. 10M Almost not internet for 4 weeks
  133. 100M Virgins Infrastructure
  134. 100M Jack Dinn's JDAST
  135. 30M Help with friends connection
  136. 100M What could explain this?
  137. Superhub Hub software update
  138. 100M Loss of Internet connection
  139. 30M unexpected upload speed reduction
  140. Superhub Access to line statistics
  141. Superhub Another Superhub release soon?
  142. VM Backup and Storage
  143. Superhub Business cable Modem outage
  144. 50M Why is latency & jitter so bad on DOCSIS3?
  145. Superhub Can I swap my tivo box cable wire for my superhub cable wire?
  146. 30M Area ready for 120mbit?
  147. 100M Very intermittent service in the last 2-3 days
  148. Superhub Ports no longer being forwarded!
  149. Superhub Can a Super Hub update stop Homeplugs from working?
  150. 100M Acton UBR 100Mbit upgrade?
  151. 100M Virgin capping 100mb users@85mb?
  152. 50M 100mb cant get over 50mb and 60mb cant get over 30mb
  153. 20M VM sold my Broadband to another customer
  154. 50M Superhub VPN problem
  155. Superhub DDoS Protection
  156. 50M Shub reboots
  157. Superhub Blackberry 9900 Knock Outs The Super Hub Wireless
  158. Superhub Moving House Question
  159. 100M Question About Ethernet Wires
  160. Superhub Telnet / SSH connection dying
  161. 100M Able to cancel virgin within 30 days?
  162. 100M GigaNews VyprVPN error 628 + DL speed
  163. 100M Down from 8 channels to 6
  164. Superhub What MAC to clone on seperate router to keep same IP as superhub had?
  165. 100M Router and Speed
  166. 30M Really what is the problem here
  167. 100M CM18 speeds
  168. 20M not resolving through VM DNS servers
  169. Superhub Buffering of you tube
  170. 100M Question About Wires ?
  171. 100M Areas Upgraded to 120mb.Post your config/speed
  172. 100M Moved House, Internet Installed Today, Power Levels Ok?
  173. Superhub Power levels too high?
  174. 10M No Internet for a week - now it's fixed?
  175. VM Router FON Simpl & Security
  176. 100M Looking for a router 100Mb VM.
  177. 100M Decreasing Power Levels
  178. 50M Traffic Management - How does it affect me?
  179. VM Router 2 routers
  180. Superhub Recommend a router to use with SuperHub
  181. Does an upgrade mean THAT much real speed increase?
  182. 100M No Internet in Huddersfield Area?
  183. 10M Poor service from Virgin
  184. 100M Not getting near 100mb
  185. 20M Call to Tech sup ends very suspiciously
  186. Superhub Temperamental piece of...
  187. 100M ping and jitter
  188. 100M Speed Upgrade
  189. 20M Area 31 - Issues? (Lichfield / Burntwood)
  190. 50M Can anyone else accsss Diablo III or
  191. Superhub new Hub to be released?
  192. Superhub Problems setting up Netgear WN3000RP with Virgin Media
  193. Surge protecting your network
  194. 20M NTL Webspace down??
  195. Superhub I've run out of ports
  196. Superhub wireless off v modem mode
  197. Superhub Business SuperHub Question
  198. Upload speed on 60Mb?
  199. Superhub Finding out the best channel to use for my wifi
  200. 100M No Internet Until 29th Aug - PO2 Area
  201. 30M RG12
  202. 20M Blocking issue
  203. 100M Double Speed
  204. 20M Virgin Maintenance killed my connection?
  205. Usenet Retention
  206. 100M Line quality and jitter
  207. 20M Plug modem into second box cable point?
  208. Speedtest software
  209. 50M Traffic managed by mistake?
  210. 30M How unlimited is unlimited?
  211. Superhub Thinking of getting superhub
  212. Superhub Port scan on
  213. Superhub Virgin Media SuperHub 'upgrade' hangs up on IP phone punters
  214. Usenet Slow
  215. 30M Poor internet the last few days.
  216. 50M No Internet service for 3 days so far
  217. ADSL Charging to disconect out of contract ADSL
  218. Superhub I'm confused.
  219. Superhub anyone else SH resetting itself
  220. Superhub Broken Promise
  221. Superhub Dropped Packets
  222. Superhub Wireless problems
  223. Superhub wireless but not
  224. Area Fault - PA14
  225. 30M Email problem
  226. Superhub Wrong Superhub adapter?
  227. 30M Any problems in Lancing/Worthing?
  228. Superhub Wifi disconnecting
  229. 30M Blueyonder Games Site Down
  230. Superhub Real advantage(s) of 'Modem Only' mode?
  231. Major Broadband outage in St Albans & Hemel
  232. 20M Birmingham B42 speeds slow to nothing
  233. 100M 5m Ethernet Cable vs 10m, Any Difference ?
  234. 100M Superhub PS3 Keeps Disconnecting
  235. 100M Superhub not in modem only mode?
  236. 100M Exposed VM coax cable in junction box
  237. 20M Modem Problems
  238. 50M Is Super Hub not so Super?
  239. Superhub Just got connected to VM
  240. Superhub Superhub Problem
  241. How to forward Web eMail ?
  242. 10M Upgrading 10M > 60M + SuperHub
  243. Superhub Virgin Media Business 50MB Download 5MB Upload Static IP
  244. VM Router how about my superhub router after cancellation of contract
  245. Superhub New Super Hub now cannot send e-mails
  246. Superhub Superhub speeds on 100M
  247. 50M Upstream congestion - business service
  248. Superhub Tod esablished
  249. 100M unable to send email
  250. 100M Is there a direct number for VM tech support in the UK?

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