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  1. 100M still ~50mbit speeds when I'm apparently upgraded
  2. 30M Swap from Superhub to VMG280
  3. 100M Modem Mode and wireless
  4. Superhub Slow speeds
  5. Upgraded to Premiere Collection, No Spotify offer?
  6. Superhub Why only 5 Bonded channels not 8?
  7. Superhub VOIP and super hub
  8. 100M Slow speeds...never!
  9. ADSL early termination fees for National service - VERY UNCLEAR
  10. 100M Help from Wolverhampton
  11. A bit too late
  12. 30M Downgraded to 30mb, Upload Question
  13. Cable network infrastructure questions
  14. Superhub Change internet ip address using superhub?
  15. 100M 100MB Upgrade but still 5MB Upload..
  16. 30M broken?
  17. 100M 100mb thru SH, but not through 2nd router
  18. Superhub Cant access one website
  19. 100M New Router
  20. Superhub Modem mode settings
  21. 10M Upload speed issues
  22. 100M VMNG300 on 100MB - For Information
  23. 50M Problems?
  24. Superhub cctv
  25. 100M Paying 100mb Getting 20mb
  26. 10M Slow speed or am I capped even though im not a heavy user?
  27. 50M Very high pings
  28. 100M down stream channels
  29. 100M Coax Cable
  30. History of cable in the UK
  31. 10M Speed Upgrade what speed will speed will I get?
  32. Superhub My new superhub thoughts/problems /advice
  33. STM idiosyncracies
  34. 50M Money off my bill?
  35. 20M Internet speed issues since upgrade
  36. 10M no longer working service terminated
  37. How to Log into Virgin Router?
  38. 10M 10M broke of an evening & 30M upgrade troubles!
  39. 30M Download speeds
  40. 20M Confused about Superhub
  41. 100M STM Speed stuck at the restricted speed
  42. 10M Apple AE wireless drastically slow since Thursday
  43. Superhub Connection issues
  44. VM Router New Superhub
  45. Superhub Does the SuperHub support Port Mapping ?
  46. 20M I thought double speeds were free!
  47. Superhub Install instructions for.....................
  48. 10M Cannot access OLBG.COM
  49. Any known routing issues anywhere atm?
  50. 10M download speeds at night
  51. 30M Fantastic deal on Essentials Package
  52. Superhub do i need a superhub upgrade ?
  53. 100M Upload speed not upgraded?
  54. Anyone having problems in Lincoln
  55. 50M Can humidity cause problems with Broadband connection?
  56. Superhub Can't Access Internet
  57. 50M Cable Modem - Not Connecting
  58. Superhub Only 1 downstream channel
  59. 100M 200mbps Devolo powerline adapters
  60. 100M Network Speed Collapsed In Brighton !!
  61. Superhub Internet Problem in N9 Area?
  62. Superhub ps3 media server and superhub
  63. 30M New e-mail account question
  64. Superhub Superhub/WL adaptor compatibility?
  65. You can rely on BT...
  66. 30M I hate to say I told you so in March
  67. 50M Tracert route - When it leaves virginmedias network...
  68. Superhub Belkin router compatibility issues & dilemma
  69. 100M Does Virgin's broadband go through BT's exchanges?
  70. What would you do if your neighbour pays less?
  71. 20M well i never thought i would be back here
  72. Virgin
  73. Cleaners have been at it again...
  74. 100M Virgin throttling Newsgroups port 443?
  75. 50M Random Drops and Terrible Speeds
  76. 30M Should I upgrade? Reservations about superhub
  77. 100M Up-speed halved
  78. 10M 10Mb to 30Mb rumouring
  79. 50M Upgraded to 60M on Premier Collection
  80. 20M Upgraded to a slower speed.
  81. 30M 30Mb connection very poor connection today
  82. Superhub R36 Firmware Beta Test (was R35)
  83. 10M Flashing Send light - Motorola SB5100
  84. 50M Spotify being shaped?
  85. Superhub Slow Speed & Packet Loss - Bilston (WV14)
  86. 100M vm sending net 165Mb
  87. 100M 100mb down in Portsmouth
  88. 30M Slow than fast
  89. Superhub need some advice re slow speed and tech support
  90. Superhub Using my dir615 with my superhub
  91. 10M Outside Cabling
  92. 10M My Free speed increase 10mb - 30mb correct?
  93. 30M iTunes Store on iPad - SLOW
  94. 100M Routing within the VM Network
  95. Superhub Is there an outage in the DA7 area?
  96. Superhub Keep losing internet connection with Bittorent?
  97. 30M lost my free double speed?
  98. 30M Which router for QOS and N & G devices?
  99. Superhub Just upgraded to 60meg
  100. 10M Speed upgrade - generally slower now!
  101. 30M Virgin Media Not Playing Fair With Existing Customers!
  102. 20M Superhub required?
  103. 30M Speed query
  104. Superhub High power level on one downstream channel
  105. 100M Slow Speed (Dundee)
  106. Superhub Power Levels
  107. 100M Outage LE3?
  108. Superhub Should I cancel "free Upgrade" from 20mB to 60MB
  109. Superhub A few questions!
  110. 30M Torrents cause internet to stop working and modem needs rebooting.
  111. 100M Coaxial Cable
  112. 20M Get tickled or not?
  113. Superhub
  114. 10M Darlington - Intermittent connection to home page
  115. Superhub Free "upgrade" 20mb to 60mb, wish I hadn't...
  116. ADSL Just A quick query, can i get both services?
  117. 30M Doublespeed page not working
  118. 100M How do i find out how many download channels i have?
  119. Upgraded to 60, poor speed.
  120. 100M Wired and wireless connection.
  121. 50M IG9 No Service at all
  122. 100M T3 Timeout
  123. Superhub Signal boosting??
  124. 30M Odd TBB ping graph!
  125. 100M Does 8 Channels actually mean anything?
  126. 50M VM maintenance logs online anywhere
  127. 50M Maximum wireless speed with Superhub?
  128. Superhub No upgrade yet
  129. Superhub Modem mode or disable wireless?
  130. Superhub Network transfer with the Superhub
  131. 20M upgrade to 60
  132. Superhub Using superhub at different address
  133. Superhub Blue light constantly flashing even when the pc is off
  134. How do you set up additional email addresses?
  135. 100M Streaming Graph
  136. 100M Broadband issues since upgrade
  137. 10M No download?
  138. Superhub Owner intial set up?
  139. 100M The Pirate Bay is blocked
  140. 10M Should have been upgraded but my speed hasn't changed?
  141. Superhub 300mbps speed on Superhub?
  142. Superhub 60mb big problem
  143. Superhub This Can't Be Right!
  144. VM capable of receiving speeds of up to 400Mb
  145. Superhub New contract with Super Hub - Not Happy!
  146. 100M
  147. 10M Wanting to upgrade broadband package only?
  148. 50M Bad pings on some game servers (usually 20-30 ping, in the 100's)
  149. 100M 200 Mb/s Broadband.
  150. 50M Upgrade Deadline missed, no surprised there then!
  151. 100M Harrogate - Slow and intermittent
  152. 100M Crawley Downstream channels
  153. 30M Outage - AL7 ?
  154. 10M what will I be getting?
  155. 50M Usenet Throttling
  156. Superhub Back on after 90 hour outage Stafford area.
  157. 10M Dishonest and underhanded.
  158. Superhub iplayer erratic, not buffering as quick, high definition or sd?please advise...
  159. Superhub 100M upgrade - power levels?
  160. Superhub 5Ghz from Superhub 2.4GHz from other Router?
  161. Superhub speed issues?
  162. 100M Coventry BB Useless at the moment
  163. Superhub Newbie questions
  164. Superhub No success in moving Superhub
  165. Superhub Lag Compensation - MW3 PS3/Xbox Gamers
  166. 100M 5Mbit >>>> 10Mbit Upload
  167. 30M Traffic management
  168. Superhub correct info re poor speeds?
  169. 100M A few Big Questions
  170. 10M Fed up with Traffic management
  171. Superhub Doubling speed area check link
  172. Superhub Blackburn down or being fobbed off?
  173. 10M No record of account
  174. Superhub Superhub just stopped working on wifi?
  175. 100M Just installed a while back
  176. 100M Virgin Media Site Blocker
  177. 50M Free upgrade 30Mb-60Mb on request
  178. 20M cant connect to newsgroups
  179. 100M The end is nigh
  180. Superhub Anyway to check available upstream channels?
  181. Superhub Flashing LEDs
  182. 100M Early upgrade to 100MB
  183. Superhub Wall Socket Extensions
  184. 10M Stuck on qpsk upstream
  185. Superhub Super hub and gaming on wifi
  186. Superhub Replacement Router (100mb)
  187. Outtage ML2 area?
  188. unable to connect to or email
  189. 30M Superhub broken?
  190. Superhub Superhub Port Forwarding Problems
  191. 50M Speed test sites/HTTP proxy
  192. Superhub Has anyone managed to get 100Mb on SHUB wireless?
  193. Superhub How do VM increase the upstream power level?
  194. 100M I was disappointed with 60Mb broadband...
  195. 100M Upload Speeds
  196. 10M Potential move to BT Infinity...
  197. Superhub Confused - Help in converting speeds ......
  198. Superhub Superhub power levels
  199. 100M How to troubleshoot slow speeds
  200. Superhub 100mb fine for me?
  201. VM Router Not impressed with SuperHub
  202. 100M Should I Subscribe to 100Mb?
  203. 50M poor signal and speeds
  204. 50M Frequently not getting 50M through wired connection
  205. 50M 60 mb/s speeds
  206. 100M 50 - 100Mb .. not good so far
  207. 100M Major outage LE3
  208. Superhub New Router or Access Point
  209. 100M Just been upgraded to 100meg and cant see much differeance!
  210. 20M Virgin Media back up
  211. Superhub Superhub users - Post your upload / download stats
  212. 100M SH Just turned Up What should I do?
  213. Superhub Disappointing 'upgrade'
  214. 30M installation charge
  215. 20M VM e-mail Homepage
  216. 30M Really rubbish connection. India says everything's ok
  217. 30M what are ideal power levels and snr
  218. 10M Virgin BB problems in Herts anyone?
  219. 100M South-West London Issues
  220. Superhub Superhub and computer sleep problem
  221. 20M Packet Loss Between Here (VM) and Office PC on Be* Broadband.
  222. 10M Internet connection really slow, upload problem?
  223. 100M modem mode
  224. Superhub No BB SK4
  225. 30M Superhub over VMNG300?
  226. Superhub VM 60mb help
  227. 30M Virgin Media Installation and Internet Speeds
  228. 100M Now got 6 Downstream Channels
  229. ADSL MAC codes and account closure
  230. 100M High Power Levels
  231. Free double speed rolled out in my area
  232. 100M VM Sending new Wireless Router
  233. 10M Third Party Cable Modems - Easy to Set Up?
  234. Superhub Can Hub cause this ?
  235. Superhub PC limiting speed?
  236. Superhub inSSIDer wifi scanner
  237. Superhub No BB br3/br4 Kent
  238. Superhub Resetting Superhub to get on different channel
  239. 50M RG12 - Connection Issues
  240. 50M Upgrading from 50mb to 100mb
  241. Loss of Broadband - TS22
  242. 100M Changing power levels
  243. 100M Best Router
  244. 50M Superhub as modem and old 10meg Netgear router as 'router'
  245. 20M Service Problems - signal levels?
  246. 30M XBOXLIVE problems.
  247. 10M 255 Modem
  248. Can I order broadband for my son if he lives in a different address?
  249. 10M Stupid, greedy, moronic.
  250. Superhub Cannot connect to site via Superhub (OK in modem mode)

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