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  1. Losing signal
  2. 120M What could this have been?
  3. 60M Is my computer slowing 60mb to 30mb
  4. Superhub What's the current situation with OBSS and Greenfield mode on the Shub?
  5. Superhub Throughput Firmware Bug?
  6. 100M best router
  7. 30M Down stream light flashing on lan transfers
  8. 120M How reliable are these speed tests
  9. 100M Cable Swapped at Junction box
  10. Superhub help for setting up superhub with Panasonic DIGA player
  11. 20M Accepting double-speed upgrade and SHUB doesn't affect contract. Correct?
  12. 50M Latest Virgin Media TV ad
  13. 30M down?
  14. 20M Shifting modem
  15. 50M New Malden improvements - more delays
  16. Superhub can i do this
  17. 60M 60Mb & superhub installed - do I need to phone VM to activate?
  18. 30M Internet Down in CV11
  19. 30M Superhub broke
  20. Superhub DD-WRT & SuperHub = No WAN IP
  21. VM Router D Link Router
  22. 30M Opinions wanted.
  23. Alt firmwares slow speed.
  24. 60M SLOOOOW
  25. 100M I now have 2 upstream channels, but no speed increase?
  26. 100M question about fpas
  27. 60M How Many Customers Per Upstream?
  28. 30M 10% packet loss
  29. Superhub VM added 8 DS now superhub crashes
  30. 60M Help with speeds please
  31. Anyone have a slow down in browsing
  32. 100M X Box live downloads
  33. 30M When an area recieves 120Mb upgrade will the uploads be increased back to 10:1 also?
  34. 30M My Virgin Media News
  35. 100M power levels
  36. Superhub Help with Router Please
  37. Superhub Superhub and wifi channels
  38. Superhub Has Superhub a WPS button that can blink red&blue?
  39. 50M dos attack on my server
  40. Superhub What router do I get for a Superhub in modem mode?
  41. Broadband Quality / Ping Monitor is blank
  42. 20M Double Speed Upgrade from XL20?
  43. 60M VM IPv6 plans?
  44. Superhub Superhub Router Problem
  46. 60M Upstream Power Levels Dropped 12dbmv
  47. 30M SuperHub install. Well done Virgin
  48. 20M surfboard 5100
  49. Superhub Superhub 2
  50. 30M How long does the upgrade take?
  51. Superhub Superhub DC power plug dimensions
  52. Can I Buy my Own Hub?
  53. Superhub Lagged gaming.
  54. 100M Coaxial Cable? Question
  55. Superhub Timed access rules help!
  56. 20M Speed Upgrade
  57. 100M DIR-615 too slow for 100M?
  58. 50M Area Upgraded?
  59. Superhub router to work with superhub
  60. 100M Are VM blocking
  61. 60M problems GU14 Area
  62. 100M my E-mail and my mac
  63. 100M Is VM still giving a free Spotify?
  64. 100M Internet connection from modem only can anyone help!!
  65. 120M 100mb to 120mb - ETA 1 year
  66. Superhub Cant log in
  67. Superhub Tracert bug started with r37
  68. 60M new 60mb slower than old 20mb!
  69. 20M Freesat and virgin cable tv
  70. Superhub VOIP issues since being upgraded to new SH with R37
  71. 50M moving tiers 50>60
  72. 20M Moving VM modem
  73. Superhub Superhub wireless performance
  74. Superhub Wireless issue since firmware update
  75. Superhub New superhub, no speed increase?
  76. Superhub reseting a lot - leeds 8
  77. 100M Just Installe
  78. 50M Packet loss, very slow speeds and pain
  79. Superhub Superhub & Portforwarding ?
  80. 100M Network Hostname - Details
  81. Virgin Media Network Quality
  82. 60M Asus rt-n56u
  83. Superhub RS Errors
  84. Superhub Question about adding a new router.
  85. 100M Free speed upgrade - dropped SH requirement?
  86. 100M 2 US Channels
  87. Superhub Brand new superhub problem!
  88. 10M IP address weirdness
  89. Superhub wpa2-psk problem
  90. 50M promised upgrade in speed
  91. 100M Problem downloading torrents?
  92. 30M Router options
  93. 60M Connection drops, no service at times and no where near 60Mb
  94. Superhub Selling Superhub on Ebay extra stupid.
  95. Superhub Brighton Again !
  96. Superhub R37--Blue Light..
  97. 20M Positive story for a change
  98. 100M Packet Loss After Maintenance
  99. My Virgin Media Password Change
  100. 100M Very High Latency (Hayes)
  101. 100M VM Throttle VPN's?!?!?!
  102. Superhub Going from 20mb to 60mb New Modem Q?
  103. Superhub R37 , When?
  104. Superhub replacement router
  105. 100M Upgrade to 120mbit...
  106. 60M 60Mb upload on two channels?
  107. 100M VPN recommendation?
  108. 100M Power levels went up a notch and speed down?
  109. Superhub Network problem since Superhub upgrade
  110. 100M Capping returning to Virgin?
  111. 50M Speed Doubling == More Upstream Capacity?
  112. 100M Area upgraded to 100MB but still only getting 50
  113. Virgin media looking for testers
  114. 100M HDU installed, problems since.
  115. 20M Just been upgraded from 10mb to 20mb, but know my internet is slower!
  116. Business Broadband - Finally Given Up
  117. 30M Need for a technician?
  118. Superhub Deja Vu. But it took years to get here again.
  119. Superhub Spreading my connection
  120. Superhub Super Hub settings and GREY WiFi icon on Nexus 7
  121. 30M 30mb to 60mb
  122. Superhub Superhub to TP-Link TL-WR1043ND
  123. Superhub airport express and superhub
  124. 100M Lewisham UBR
  125. 30M painfully slow SA1
  126. 50M Poor VM Connection, strange TBB quality monitor etc..
  127. Superhub Slow speeds after 60M upgrade
  128. 20M Slowness in the Evening
  129. Superhub Inaccurate downstream power levels reported by SuperHub?
  130. Superhub Poor wifi performance.
  131. Usenet problems
  132. 30M Speed Doubling in South Manchester : )
  133. 30M Now this really is taking the P....
  134. Superhub PAT or Port Address Translation
  135. ADSL Off Net Fibre Broadband
  136. Superhub PS3, iPhone and iPad Extremely Slow Speeds With 60mb Superhub
  137. Superhub Virgin Media problem, please help!
  138. Superhub Confused - not difficult I know :(
  139. Superhub Can I check
  140. 10M Why I hate VM's Indian tech support
  141. 50M Price hike soon!
  142. 30M Bristol Issues
  143. Superhub SuperHub question
  144. 100M Superhub Install or Not?
  145. New cable installed in garden. Now power issues and upstream power issues
  146. 100M Strange error appearing in logs.
  147. Virgin Media Broadband
  148. 100M P2P traffic capped at 0800
  149. 100M VM on Watchdog
  150. Superhub Best way to extend wifi to 'dead' area of house
  151. 50M Interference fault North West
  152. Superhub SuperHub not recognised by Toshiba TV wireless setup
  153. 50M Freephone status check
  154. Upload increases 10% ?
  155. 30M Upload speeds?
  156. 30M Virgin media technical asset
  157. 20M
  158. Superhub Problems with Homegroup and PS3 Streaming
  159. Virgin Media Wireless USB Dongle (PushNSync Adaptor) - Windows 8 Setup
  160. 30M Le3 no connection?
  161. Superhub Utilisation Issues?
  162. Superhub unable to access router after installing SuperHub as modem only
  163. 20M upgraded to 20 mb only getting 1.5-2mb!
  164. 30M CEO Office Reply: YouTube Buffering
  165. 100M Any problems in the Lincoln or surrounding areas?
  166. Superhub 'Upgraded' from 10Mb/s to 60Mb/s speed issue
  167. 100M Am I Getting The Service I'm Paying For?
  168. 100M leeds area
  169. 100M Letter warning. of service disruption.
  170. Superhub Poll - DHCP or Static
  171. Superhub Still on half the download speed
  172. 30M Always bad latency, what do I do?
  173. Superhub New property suggestion/help re connection.
  174. Superhub Does the Superhub cause corrupted downloads even in modem mode?
  175. 30M Severe speed reduction
  176. 100M issues with latency?
  177. Superhub No internet for two weeks!
  178. 100M Deep packet inspection in use?
  179. Superhub Internet on and off all night Leeds area
  180. YouTube Buffering Issues...
  181. 100M sloow dl speeds
  182. 100M 100mb issue
  183. Superhub Modem mode removes all advanced options ?
  184. Superhub Power Levels
  185. 100M Virginmedia broadband broken in the Cambridge(?) area
  186. 100M No Sync light...
  187. 10M My upload speeds
  188. 30M Unable to connect
  189. 100M Swansea now on 6 DS Channels.
  190. Lincoln on 2 upstreams
  191. Lincoln on 2 upstreams
  192. Superhub what causes this?
  193. 30M Super Hub settings ?
  194. Superhub Anyone using an Apple Airport Extreme or a different router?
  195. 50M cause of low snr on higher frequencies
  196. Superhub Virgin Superhub unable to download using Utorrent
  197. 50M 60Meg Back To The Dark Ages
  198. Superhub Superhub Activation IP Address?
  199. 3G better than VM's 60Mb?
  200. 100M For Comparison
  201. Superhub SuperHub loosing WAN IP
  202. Superhub Super Hub & Sky On Demand
  203. Superhub UPGRADED
  204. 30M upgrade from 30m to 60
  205. 10M BRIGHTON Major Works ?
  206. 100M Broadband is not working right
  207. 50M Slow in Edinburgh
  208. 20M Webstar modem and router
  209. Contract question
  210. Superhub New D/L Stream added, now slower!
  211. 100M Can I select which server to use
  212. 20M NTL Webspace down
  213. 30M Joining VM
  214. Slowed Down
  215. 50M State of Virgin Media Business service from new Malden
  216. 100M Intersting speed results after changing ethernet cable
  217. Superhub Replacing VM Superhub
  218. Superhub Retentions Deals
  219. Superhub Superhub in modem mode goes on strike
  220. 100M Any routing problems going on
  221. Superhub Superhub
  222. 100M Forward Path Attenuator required
  223. VM peering with LINX
  224. 30M Belfast speed problems
  225. Router Recommendations
  226. Superhub Firmware R37
  227. 100M P2P throttling at all times?
  228. Superhub Rx Power query
  229. Superhub Web pages not loading in wireless
  230. Superhub From 10Mbs to 30Mbs
  231. Superhub SuperHub swtich/hub
  232. 30M Traffic Management trial - 2012, 23rd October
  233. 120Mb live areas - Please add to this thread as your area comes online
  234. 50M Manchester - intermittent for the last couple of weeks?
  235. 100M Virgin Media To Have A New Revised Traffic Management Policy
  236. 100M greenbox written off (joyriders)
  237. Superhub Loss of wifi connection
  238. 100M What Is Considered as "good" jitter?
  239. 10M Speed Doubling Delay
  240. 100M Timeouts
  241. 100M Sleepy Head over 5MB upload ....
  242. 30M I give up
  243. 120Mbit on VMNG300
  244. 100M 7 downstream channels, yet still no upload or 120M upgrade?
  245. 100M Full 120/12meg upgrades rolling out in SO31 area now...
  246. Superhub Is Modem mode any faster than LAN
  247. Superhub Sorry, yet another superhub question!!
  248. 30M Anyone else getting speed issues? Islington, london, n1
  249. 100M downgrade
  250. Superhub Intermittent Internet

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