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  1. speed question
  2. Broadband plus sign in
  3. How can I check if I'm on 4mb or not?
  4. Does anyone download from
  5. New cable modem problems
  6. Virgin upgrade to 10mb Gloucester area any idea when ?
  7. 20 Meg to 50 Meg upgrade.
  8. advice on best isp deal
  9. just activated 20mbs
  10. recent upgrades 4mb - 10mb
  11. Newsgroups?
  12. Help a newbie "please"
  13. Upgrade from 2MB to 4MB
  14. Virgin Speed Problems
  15. Poor connection speeds - cancelling my contract?
  16. QOS Packet Scheduler
  17. Virgin Media Packet Loss = :o(
  18. Just BB, costs.
  19. Help needed fron Virgin Media Techs
  20. Changing my IP address
  21. UBR Upgrades and DOCSIS 3
  22. VM upgrading my 4mb to 10mb?
  23. Modem replacement/Uk phone numbers
  24. Having a SACM installed tomorrow...
  25. Initial set-up after CM install
  26. Virgin Media Tracking and Selling our Surfing
  27. Swansea Upgrades
  28. Speed Again
  29. Nforce network controller card...
  30. Virgin Media Phorm Webwise Adverts [Updated: See Post No. 1, 77, 102 & 797]
  31. What region am I in?
  32. Broadband Interferes w/ TV Box/Analogue
  33. DNS Problems
  34. Broadband Speed via cab/hub?
  35. Normality resumed!
  36. questions about how Virgins FUP works
  37. Virgin 10 meg is a dud
  38. Virgin Media are stopping me from changing my Proxy
  39. anyone having triuble with the internet in the hertfodshire area ???
  40. cant access
  41. Help..I've just been downgraded, apparently
  42. Is this the right forum for NTL/Virgin ADSL questions?
  43. what is happening with Newsgroups
  44. 20 meg bb?
  45. Upgraded From M To L Broadband- Still Not In Effect
  46. Incompetence in Swansea??
  47. Can Virgin Do This?
  48. Traffic Shapping on weekends
  49. Web bb upgrade?
  50. Virgin Broadband And Phone
  51. 2nd broadband line
  52. Upgrade 2mb to 20mb - 37 Pounds EXTRA !!
  53. Loss of conectivity after Ambit200 swapped for Ambit255
  54. Easynews
  55. Upgraded BB still the same speed?
  56. port issues on my web server
  57. Access Denied
  58. whats a router
  59. Three-strike-rule
  60. Capped again 8.45pm 14th feb 2008
  61. Broadband Upgrade 2mb - 4mb
  62. Parent wishing to Block MSN Messenger
  63. explain to mr thicky
  64. Live radio streaming keeps disconnecting.
  65. Cant access most of the web
  66. Discontinuing ntl email addresses?
  67. Router/Network connections help
  68. Am I being throttled in Stafford?
  69. This possible (Shared Line) Virgin net help
  70. RM11 = YoYo conenction
  71. Connecting with Filezilla
  72. Best time to upgrade.....billing dates?
  73. Connecting with Filezilla
  74. Swansea Updates
  75. Need software to install on vista
  76. BB outage at BT48, midnight last night
  77. Lincoln - Nottingham
  78. beta usenet server
  79. Swapped to VIP package
  80. 4 - 10Mb Upgrade. Rollout Announced
  81. Packet Loss in North Herts?
  82. Outage in Leeds region?
  83. Tech email address
  84. Users face being cut off from the internet for downloading films and music illegally
  85. No broadband for flats obove shops!
  86. Virgin ADSL anything positive?
  87. My internet keeps cutting out....can anyone explain this to me......
  88. IP address questions
  89. replace old ntl modem?
  90. Standard BB Pricing
  91. Will business BB be upgraded?
  92. At wits end.
  93. Phoned Retentions to Negotiate a Package
  94. Woohoo and Boohoo
  95. Have you been upgraded from 4mb to 10mb
  96. Router help
  97. ANYONE Having Trouble With VM internet
  98. Pricing Structures. Old vs New
  99. Considering VM Cable Broadband
  100. Two sundays in a row now.....
  101. Touch Wood
  102. Ping Test
  103. 50% of websites don't work
  104. how can i tell if im on 20 meg ?
  105. All by myself
  106. Got upgraded to 10MB this morning (from 4)
  107. What everyone's talking about.......
  108. why is my internet barely working at 2am?
  109. Ping Issues
  110. traffic shaping xbox 360
  111. Things are improving
  112. formatted HD help getting connected
  113. Finally had enough of Virgin Media
  114. Anyone in Norwich on UBR7 having issues tonight
  115. Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpage
  116. What I did to improve my broadband speed
  117. FTP blocked on VM??
  118. Slow internet connection
  119. New install - when does broadband go live?
  120. Traffic shaping at 1pm in the afternoon
  121. Can someone shed any light onto why a good percent of Virgin Media customers.........
  122. Can you post ping plotter image please to IP address
  123. 20MB speed
  124. ASA rules on Virgin Media 'Lies' adverts
  125. Virgin's DNS servers: ports 1038 and 1623
  126. Manchester off *yet again*?
  127. How do I know what UBR I'm on?
  128. HP area problems
  129. Set Top Box and Cable Modem can both be used!!
  130. No Broadband on PC
  131. My 20Mb all time low
  132. Can't connect to certain essential sites
  133. Arrgghhhh!!!! How many more months of this?
  134. New cable broadband installation - what do I actually get?
  135. VM and NewsDemon
  136. Virgin Media email interface
  137. Has the 20MB Improved or am I just lucky?
  138. ntlworld newsgroups fubar?
  139. Virgin Media 0906 tech support number.
  140. Loss of broadband access
  141. What sort of latency results have you been getting from speedtest website?
  142. sstemerror611
  143. Can anyone in TS tell me what ubr card I am on
  144. Can I trust Technical Support?
  145. Advertised speeds are not what they say
  146. Anyone else with speeds like this
  147. downgraded to 4mb
  148. Liverpool 20hrs down
  149. How much should I be paying? Help!
  150. Google Slow?
  151. 20mbit tweaks, tips and tricks?
  152. Upgrade Lists
  153. Warwick problems?! or me?
  154. Is it me or them?
  155. How do I complain to Virgin?
  156. am i delusional warrington speed 9mb at night????
  157. Problems with 20 MB speed in BN3?
  158. High pinging (recent development) South Cambs/Essex
  159. Getting there act together
  160. Is something broke in Manchester?
  161. Moving to unserviceable address, losing ntlworld email address
  162. Cable Modem's
  163. why can't i...
  164. Outlook Express Problem
  165. VM contacts and complains
  166. Ordering Broadband?
  167. What's going on in Peterborough?
  168. 4MB broadband - £16 or £25?
  169. Browser Problems
  170. 4mb download speeds
  171. Broadband connected but still no internet
  172. Broadband Servce Intermittent failure
  173. Just signed up to 20mb broadband
  174. Virgin 4Mb to upgrade to 10Mb February - Summer
  175. No wireless connection following V= installation
  176. Virgin Media and `perfect for online gaming'
  177. Weird 4mb Speed Test results
  178. Weird Speedtest (not Mine)
  179. Who to blame?
  180. Slow Surfer
  181. Happy camper
  182. [Merged] virgin-media-announces-broadband-speed-boosts
  183. Virgin Media Complaints
  184. Should I take the risk?
  185. Teenage Internet Junkie
  186. No bills?
  187. Unable to access Twitter, Orange?
  188. Problems with BB through replacement STB
  189. Can Virgin Block Bittorent Programs?
  190. Over Subscription in Swansea
  191. Cannot Access This Site
  192. Broadband Unhappiness
  193. Slow Playstation 3 downloads since last outage...
  194. Virgin Media the slowest ISP around...
  195. freezing downloads please
  196. Help me setup VM newgroup support
  197. Technical Support Please....
  198. 4 M to 10 Mb upgrades officially in the pipeline
  199. Newgroups error
  200. 20MB questions and modems info!
  201. Really slow YouTube and other media sites.
  202. Dodgy internet everyday in kt8
  203. Broadband slow in TS6 0
  204. Upgrade from L to XL BB, modem not upgrading.
  205. Impreses with
  206. Connection Problems
  207. Downgrading bb Service
  208. 20MB connection problems
  209. Not Getting 20Mb, Tech Support Say Its My PC, help
  210. Cable modem event log ??
  211. More than 1 computer using broadband
  212. Virgin cable speed.
  213. email from non virgin connection
  214. cut thru broadband cable
  215. Business Broadband
  216. new modem help!
  217. finally a router that works with 20mb and it's free!!!
  218. Low SNR, High packetloss?
  219. Speed issues
  220. Is it worth complaining?
  221. I my modm dead
  222. Disconnected for NO REASON!?
  223. New modem question
  224. Just venting my splean!
  225. Lincoln UBR's
  226. Bye Bye Virgin
  227. Have you had a recent business broadband install??
  228. 20MB not sure
  229. Broadband Help
  230. Worst broadband ever
  231. Low Bandwidth
  232. Question Concerning Upgrades...
  233. In what way is Virgin upgrading its entire cable network?
  234. Capped again at 1:54am?
  235. What has been happening to my connection?
  236. Since left Virgin, what to do with the old modem?
  237. The big 20mb broadband debate!
  238. Broadband with Vista 64bit
  239. Understanding MAC Addresses USB
  240. Modem Log errors
  241. 20MB Package & My Line Stats
  242. Virgin Tech Support a laff
  243. Great VM 4mb to 10mb Upgrade Conspiracy - We only said it to stop you from leaving us
  244. Sudden rubbish speeds with Linksys WRT54GC?
  245. Brighton upgrade news
  246. Has the peak time threshold's changed yet?
  247. Virgin Media Cable Broadband & BT Phoneline?
  248. Can I add 4MB to the 3 for £30 package
  249. Business Broadband upgrade??
  250. 20 Meg in W14 area

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