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  1. How much would you like to pay for 20mb ?
  2. http - capped speed?
  3. Faults team do not know about traffic management
  4. What Percentage of the UK is Cabled?
  5. Cable Modem Event Log - advice needed
  6. Don't belive virginmedia traffic management
  7. 100mb am I on this?
  8. what happens if i keep going over the limit?
  9. Bad connection in Teesside?
  10. "Cannot communicate with primary dns"
  11. vm internet losing connection
  12. email
  13. Changing IP On Virgin Media
  14. VM Supplied Netgear Router keeps dropping
  15. Serious performance problems - please help !
  16. time i left virgin ,, any recomendation
  17. My Virgin Media 20mb Connection Problems on Xbox 360!
  18. Are you gonna stop downloading
  19. speed on xp and vista
  20. I have virgin, can i swap to another broadband provider without a BT line
  21. I can't send from ntlworld address through 3 broadband.
  22. internet gaming on xbox360
  23. Utorrent/browsing workaround
  24. Streaming Radio and STM
  25. Changes to 'Traffic Mangement'?
  26. How do you know if you are being throttled
  27. Same Newsgroup account on different pcs
  28. Whats going on?
  29. Slooow 4mb in Harrogate
  30. Can't it go any faster?
  31. Connections fail even after New Modem
  32. Virgin Media gets tough on downloads
  33. do I have the 50mb service?
  34. Upgrade - What area am I in?
  35. Virgin Media Phorm Webwise Apathy Thread
  36. Get internet in my room?
  37. Cannot find server
  38. Worth Getting? 6 people house share!
  39. 20mb slow and unstable for a month or so now..
  40. Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing
  41. Internet Issues
  42. Torrents Cause My Modem To Restart
  43. Has the uprgrade happened?
  44. Price Rises For Upgrading Network
  45. Virgin Media Broadband Question?
  46. Connect Two Modems Together
  47. Speed curbing letter just received
  48. Ofcom Voluntary Code For ISP Speed Claims
  49. upgrading and prices
  50. New modem, slow speed
  51. How long do caps last for
  52. SERIOUSLY thinking of leaving
  53. What areas does VM pool9-0-0 UBR cover?
  54. Confused!
  55. replacement modem problem , help!!
  56. 20mb really slow speeds in Paisley Area?
  57. retentions current number?
  58. Strange intermittent connection/speed issues
  59. Internet phone help
  60. Oh Yeees! Goodbye
  61. Speed capped even though I haven't used my connection?
  62. strange problem with my nvdia nforce ethernet controller please help
  63. How To Set Up Broadband on New Laptop?
  64. problems
  65. What happened??
  66. Web space stat counter
  67. Virginmedia Webcache
  68. Is Virgin Media still really bad?
  69. Very Slow Browsing In Birmingham Area
  70. Connection issues - ready light flashing - Help!
  71. Slow speed, so downgrade, and get even slower speed?
  72. Comodo firewall update issue
  73. Cancelling the broadband
  74. Does this need a new cable run?
  75. Better DNS Service
  76. BT to VM? help me please!
  77. Selfcare for ex-ntl
  78. New customers getting a better deal
  79. Ping and Tracert timing out
  80. website issues
  81. slow connection.....phoned technical support......
  82. Really bad speeds in Colchester (50Kb/s)
  83. Torrents Cause Internet to Stop
  84. Broadband - Virgin
  85. [Merged] STM with yet more restrictions starts
  86. Peak time woes on speed
  87. newsgroups
  88. Modem Suitable for 20meg BB?
  89. Why does the whole internet think I'm in Ireland?
  90. Anyone in Lincoln have problems (included my power levels)
  91. Some advice for a noob :(
  92. !!!Good News!!!
  93. 512KB/s Connection
  94. Isn't tech support free now???
  95. Problems with a website on blueyonder connection
  96. Could this be me
  97. Least invasive search engine/browser?
  98. A BIG Joke
  99. 4mg Cable will not connect
  100. New STM? VM network probs? No DNS resolution? What's going on?!
  101. thanks a lot virgin
  102. Terrible connection in Middlesbrough?
  103. 25-50% Packet loss to
  104. wireless router from VM?
  105. Slow Connection
  106. Cannot Connect to iTunes Music Store
  107. Updated
  108. hops to server blocked.
  109. Very Slow Connection In Birmingham
  110. E-mail maintenance - on 26th January???
  111. 20Mb so slow, so called India.
  112. Dying Modem?
  113. Dire upload speeds on all torrent sites
  114. Really weird downloads started at 10 past 10
  115. Weird intermitent connection problem
  116. Can Virgin Media Broadband be installed without user CD?
  117. Upgraded from 2mb to 20mb with no difference
  118. 20mb business any difference to residential!.
  119. goes to
  120. Transparent proxy?
  121. Change of UBR
  122. MAC address
  123. Non Technical head noob with a question
  124. Acceptable speeds?
  125. installing net as a new user
  126. Problems with 4mb Internet Connection
  127. Port1221
  128. Internet keeps going down????????????????
  129. Those BLINKIN lights - Southampton Outage?
  130. New User - Appaling Speeds
  131. BB Modem loses Connection With Router Daily, 00-08.30, Last Few Weeks
  132. 20Mb Business Broadband
  133. Connection Dropout?
  134. Thats it I am annoyed now
  135. 4mb to 10 mb page?
  136. TCP Optimiser - how good is it?
  137. Newton Abbott UBR 07 Slow Speeds
  138. 20mb user getting really slow speeds; please help
  139. VM stop alt.binaries newsgroups?
  140. Cost of calling 0906 number from mobile?
  141. Anyone else BB not working in BN14 area?
  142. BB down in Reading (RG1)
  143. Bit of advice from any of you Virgin Guys plz
  144. Master Reboot Effects on net speed
  145. Leicester LE4 - Have I had my 4 meg to 10meg upgrade?
  146. Ref. How to downgrade service
  147. What the hell is going on???
  148. 1st class service
  149. UNLIMITED !!! Traffic Shaping. I"M LEAVING. ...BLAH BLAH
  150. Can't get on to the BBC website
  151. Ready light keeps going off?
  152. Current VM downstream SNR advice?
  153. what happens if a technician doesn't show
  154. Research shows that most want a limited service.
  155. Connection Drops and very slow speeds
  156. Internet slow - Reading Area?
  157. Speed or lack of it
  158. Traffic management and Weird things
  159. Have they slowed down the upload rate for 20mbit?
  160. Virgin Media Broadband Internet Packages
  161. FREE...wireless router..
  162. Is my connection being butchered?
  163. question when upgrading my connection...
  164. Can't contact broadband support.
  165. Cannot send or receive emails in the DA7 area
  166. Internet connecton not working
  167. Leaving Virgin ?
  168. Very Slow Internet
  169. STM
  170. Intermittent connection
  171. Thunderbird email client
  172. complete incompetence - very fed up with Virgin media
  173. IPlayer access on virgin internet (not TV!!)
  174. Quick Question? Expected Speeds
  175. Internet - Losing connection for hours at a time help!
  176. Router issues with icmp?
  177. Consistantly slow speed
  178. Tech Support don't know about the 10Mb rollout
  179. Who Knows? Sam Does
  180. Slow internet, intermittent problem? Can't get help!?
  181. Cable ? wire help ?
  182. New menu ?
  183. Cancel Virgin Media Question?
  184. outage in Brighton (BN41) ?
  185. Cable modem not responding
  186. On a positive note
  187. VM mail blocked in Mexico?
  188. Portsmouth Area
  189. ISA Server & VM
  190. Slow or no connection
  191. T&Cs and contract law
  192. This Traffic Shaping Business
  193. Unbelievably S L O W Connection Birmingham
  194. Connection drops South Manchester
  195. Help!
  196. Does Broadband go down during a power cut?
  197. are these logs normal?
  198. All posts cancelled (VM cover up) :o)
  199. Lots of flashing lights!
  200. More planned maintenance to improve capacity....
  201. PA3 Down?
  202. Logging/Command history for a UBR?
  203. VM Business Broadband?
  204. intermitten issue
  205. Edinburgh Eh4 Problems?
  206. Stoke on Trent down AGAIN
  207. Changes to T&Cs against UK law
  208. VM / PHORM : VM attempt to bypass privacy laws via T&C changes
  209. cable help?
  210. OMG! VM How can they
  211. VBOX / Linksys Wireless Router not working
  212. Explain STM to me please.
  213. Virgin Media .. Do they really know what they are doing ??
  214. low speeds and high packetloss
  215. 20mbps Virgin cable - stability and tech support
  216. email down ??
  217. Fix my damn BB VM, I am sick to death of your lies.
  218. Ntl:250 no connection, sync light flashes
  219. move in 30 days
  220. Internet Privacy Software
  221. Hello Internet! *Tries to play Team Fortress 2* Bye Internet! :-(
  222. Virgin Media Cable Modem Problems
  223. modem keeps rebooting
  224. [Merged] Virgin Media Newsgroups Changes
  225. H2o..This could be of interest to people living in Bournemouth.
  226. internet suddenly very slow!
  227. External Network Availability
  228. Very Slow 20Mb Connection
  229. Today my UBr changed
  230. Cable Modem Connection Dropping- Screenshot Included
  231. What excatly are the charges if you dont cancel an engineer
  232. Virgin Media Wireless Router
  233. Ntl Modem Problem
  234. Virgin Media trials 40Gbit/s connections in the UK
  235. Cannot Find Server
  236. [Merged] 100mbps for Bournemouth
  237. ADSL setup - RJ11 extension cable from filter to modem
  238. Splitting a connection
  239. Vista 64bit Home Premium to SB5100 Motorola Modem problem
  240. A bit of good news
  241. STM top 3% out the window
  242. Virgin Media - Two Cable Modems
  243. 20meg customers
  244. Virgin media grrrr
  245. dud ubr05
  246. VM System upgrade failure??
  247. Connectivity problems (West Yorkshire)
  248. Booked Engineer Today Bank Holiday
  249. Confirmation
  250. Realtek/Buffalo DHCP problem or simply faulty cable?!

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