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  1. 100M Advised to come here by engineers if any more problems before phoning virgin again.
  2. 100M Can someone check my power levels please?
  3. 60M Dropped
  4. 30M R38 ain't so good
  5. 120M Best Speedwave Test In the UK!
  6. 100M YouTube totally broken now
  7. What's the longest you've had to wait?
  8. 100M RT-N16 Port Problems
  9. 120M iTunes Store
  10. Would you buy this truly unlimited broadband?
  11. 60M Outage in Birmingham Area?
  12. Cat and mouse with TPB
  13. 120M Packet loss suprise
  14. Superhub Could PC lower speed?
  15. 20M new superhub 2 setting?
  16. 100M Going to reduce BB speed due to TM
  17. 120M Slow speed with new Super-hub I
  18. 100M Question About Downstream Channels
  19. 100M Anyone with experience of a VM line AND Sky/BT line?
  20. 20M Cable Modem 1907 RIP
  21. 120M Disconnects SS1/3
  22. 30M I just ordered the Virgin Media 30 Mb connection.
  23. 30M Could some one kindly provide me picture of Virgin Medias Broadband wall socket.
  24. 100M Will VM do away with traffic managment in time?
  25. 60M D LINK Disconects every 20mins
  26. 30M Cheated by virginmedia
  27. 20M Internet really slow
  28. 60M Why does you tube buffer all the time?
  29. Superhub Damm internet!
  30. 120M Replace Draytek 2820Vn for 120 Meg?
  31. 30M Virgin Media homepage not loading
  32. Superhub Firmware R38?
  33. 30M Need some help
  34. 30M Old VM Equipment ?
  35. 30M Weird Superhub v1 DHCP issue
  36. Superhub SH + Router - using ports on both?
  37. 100M asus rt n66u
  38. Virgin Media Inc. : ‘Broadbandits' wanted by Virgin Media for crimes against WiFi
  39. 120M Youtube running like crap...buffer, buffer, buffer, error..
  40. 120M BSkyB paying Virgin Media $74 million for a network makeover
  41. Superhub Superhub Firewall
  42. 20M Problems in SK6?
  43. 100M Slow Speed
  44. Superhub Connection Drops.
  45. 60M Unhappy with vm internet installation.
  46. 30M My VirginMedia access
  47. 60M Receiving letters about Broadband usage
  48. 100M Virgin Media hosting on Speedtest
  49. 60M Issues with sites not loading that started last night
  50. 100M Censorship on the official VM forum
  51. 100M Virgin's usenet (highwinds)
  52. virgin media contract?
  53. Superhub no login
  54. 100M No Broadband for 4 days
  55. 100M Very strange problem with xbox game (Halo 4)
  56. Superhub problems in FK1 area?
  57. VM Router Swapping out cable modem
  58. 30M Slight DL speed increase.
  59. 20M Questions about gaming lag, virgin & infinity...
  60. 30M Speed doubling was a con all along then!
  61. Superhub PS3 and Superhub - problems
  62. 120M Does VM TM Xbox 360 traffic?
  63. Superhub Bit Naive about Virgin & Routers etc
  64. Superhub Best router to get to replace Virgin Superhub
  65. 120M Double Speed Upgrade
  66. 30M no broadband no tv
  67. Superhub SH date?
  68. 120M wireless connection
  69. Superhub Superhub 2
  70. 60M SuperHub speed with TL-WR1043nd router
  71. Superhub Connecting virgin hub to cable going to TiVo box
  72. Superhub internet down every night same time
  73. 100M Routing, switching fault somewhere.
  74. Superhub New Install
  75. 30M Upload Speed - 2mb rather than 3?!
  76. Superhub Still Recieving 50MB Download When I Should Be Getting 100MB Download
  77. 100M Traffic Managed from 100Mbps to 0.3Mbps
  78. 120M Virgin Media 'eyeing 10Gbps broadband technology'
  79. 30M Is VM going to meet my needs?
  80. My virginmedia offer.
  81. 60M Comments please on my speedtest
  82. 60M Left Virgin Media
  83. 20M Brighton !
  84. 10Mb Double speed query
  85. Why are you with Virgin Media?
  86. 30M superhub blue light gone green
  87. 100M Virginmedia important update email
  88. 60M Speed upgrade (one month?) area 20?
  89. Should the price of your broadband reduce inline with your speed?
  90. 120M Virgin Media buildings
  91. 60M 60 meg upgrade from 20
  92. 100M Cant stream YouTube videos in the evening 100mb speed
  93. Virgin Media New Traffic Management Again
  94. 120M SM4 has 120 Mb/s upgrade
  95. 30M Email and BB question
  96. 60M Any help appreciated
  97. 60M Speed Doubling query
  98. 120M Packet loss
  99. 120M Upgraded today
  100. Superhub Automated fault message every hour and superhub problem
  101. Superhub Superhub blue light
  102. 30M Slow Slow and Slow
  103. 60M Outage in Twickenham/Surrounding Areas-Internet back up, but browsing is VERY slow...
  104. 60M very slow PS3 connection with Superhub. (all other devices work fine)
  105. 20M Fault F002413103 anyone?
  106. 60M Thank god for Sky,
  107. 100M Received an email about broadband usage
  108. 120M possible scam about fault
  109. Traffic Management.
  110. 20M V+ box internet connection.
  111. Superhub I am furious with VM
  112. 100M Potential outage in Newport East/West and Cardiff...?
  113. 20M HG3 Upgraded to 20M
  114. 120M Lag in PC gaming, could it be the Superhub
  115. 120M Crawley Upgraded to 120Mb
  116. 30M Browsing Issues in SP10
  117. 60M Need help!!!
  118. Superhub New Superhub user!
  119. 120M 120mb Upgrade
  120. 120M Finally got the 100 > 120 meg upgrade, but upload speeds still at 5 meg?
  121. Superhub Bedroom TV Coax from VM - Plug Modem into it?
  122. 30M Home network
  123. 100M Massive packet loss - maintenance happening?
  124. 20M Extending existing wireless network?
  125. 120M Question about STM - Does it affect gaming and pings?
  126. 120M bad speeds
  127. 30M Any idea what could be wrong?
  128. 100M I can't believe it's gotten so bad?
  129. Superhub Issues with connection
  130. 60M Time Capsule or Router with attached network drive
  131. 20M To be OR Not to be.
  132. 100M Service is a joke...
  133. 20M internet via TP link
  134. New Traffic Management Policy
  135. 100M Street Cabinet Exposed, Affecting My Service?
  136. 60M Here we go again...?
  137. 60M Upgrading from 60meg to 100meg.... worth it?
  138. Superhub Superhub - Firewall / IP Flood Detection
  139. Need Help On This
  140. 20M Broadband slow since last wednesday see attached event log.
  141. Superhub Cant access superhub config
  142. Websites now blocked
  143. 120M Got my 120mb speed upgrade early! ( 120mb / 10mb )
  144. 20M Broadband Maintenance
  145. 30M Network issues
  146. 30M Email / My virginmedia problems. Glasgow.
  147. 100M Help with small problem
  148. 20M Speed Double, what about upload speed?
  149. 20M Never had wifi, will VM supply Superhub on request?
  150. 20M Wrong ip location
  151. 50M Virgin Media Catchup TV
  152. 120M On 120/12 config but unable to get more than 100/12
  153. Truly Unlimited Trade off
  154. 20M Do they still do 10 or 20 MB internet?
  155. Superhub Are Virgin Media still issuing Superhubs with noisy power supplies?
  156. 100M Totally confused what speed I should be on
  157. 60M Terrible speed again
  158. 30M Charging for Doublespeed upgrade?
  159. Wireless problem - help?
  160. 60M Got STM'ed again at 11:30pm !!!!!
  161. 100M Slower than normal help
  162. 100M Corrupt Downloads and TiVo OD Buffering
  163. 20M Residential package at commercial lockup
  164. Superhub TP link powerline adapters speed
  165. Why do I get this error?
  166. Superhub Is there any update on when the next Superhub will be released?
  167. Superhub Is it possible to be connected (wired) to neighbours cable broadband by mistake
  168. 120M New cable
  169. 120M Speed issues.
  170. 20M 20Mb to 60mb upgrade
  171. 30M Error cannot open virgin Media home page
  172. 50M Clone Mac - new router?
  173. 60M Upgraded today.
  174. Superhub Cannot access e-mail addresses
  175. 30M Why did VM reset my modem?
  176. Lincoln on 3 upstream channels
  177. 60M Area Fault yet again at SK10
  178. 100M Tech visit for a fault
  179. 30M Help on inconsistent streaming HD video (Netflix, Football sites, etc)
  180. Superhub iCloud
  181. Superhub Cable modem signal levels - check please
  182. 100M Single threaded download, 20Mbit limitation…
  183. VM Router Best Modem / Router Combination
  184. Superhub PS3 Lagging but speeds are ok?
  185. 60M upload/download
  186. Superhub Strange Superhub Behaviour
  187. 30M Is this correct??
  188. 100M New TBB speed tester
  189. Even more draconian STM!
  190. 20M Virgin Broadband 10 meg
  191. 60M SH IN MODEM MODE WITH time capsule 1st gen 802.11n
  192. 120M trying to send virgin a letter , page going blank after i send it - help please
  193. 100M Should I have 10mb upload?
  194. 50M Am I getting ripped off?
  195. ADSL Will i ever get fibre optic?
  196. What internet service would you prefer?
  197. Wifi is poor - 60mb service topics
  198. Superhub Superhub sleeping?
  199. 50M Routing problems in the Leeds area
  200. Modem Power supply recall
  201. Superhub modem mode
  202. Superhub Sony Experia J and Superhub issue
  203. 20M Terrible virgin broadband for 6 months
  204. Superhub Getting into the router settings?
  205. 60M Please can someone explain this VM reply
  206. Evening Downstream Traffic Management - Time Change
  207. My Virgin Media sign in improved
  208. 20M Does 'out of contract' make you a new customer
  209. Long waiting time to get BB in CF24 area? or just a sales ploy?
  210. Superhub super hub wifi switched off
  211. Well, when does doubling arrive?
  212. 60M constant connection drop outs
  213. 100M Setting up a mail server
  214. 60M 500+ ping times random disconects
  215. 60M My High Utilization - Help!
  216. 60M Strange phone call from 'Virgin'?
  217. 100M VMNG300 cannot access
  218. Superhub Changing IP Address
  219. Moving house with existing VM connection?
  220. 50M Speed Upgrade - confusing.
  221. 120M Didn't think this was possible with Superhub
  222. 30M Price Increase
  223. 100M Unknown Wired Connection?
  224. 60M Double upload speed rollout dates?
  225. 30M From Sky Broadband to Virgin Broadband
  226. 30M Super Hub traffic LED colour
  227. 30M Legal or Not?
  228. 100M wifi dongles
  229. Losing signal
  230. 120M What could this have been?
  231. 60M Is my computer slowing 60mb to 30mb
  232. Superhub What's the current situation with OBSS and Greenfield mode on the Shub?
  233. Superhub Throughput Firmware Bug?
  234. 100M best router
  235. 30M Down stream light flashing on lan transfers
  236. 120M How reliable are these speed tests
  237. 100M Cable Swapped at Junction box
  238. Superhub help for setting up superhub with Panasonic DIGA player
  239. 20M Accepting double-speed upgrade and SHUB doesn't affect contract. Correct?
  240. 50M Latest Virgin Media TV ad
  241. 30M down?
  242. 20M Shifting modem
  243. 50M New Malden improvements - more delays
  244. Superhub can i do this
  245. 60M 60Mb & superhub installed - do I need to phone VM to activate?
  246. 30M Internet Down in CV11
  247. 30M Superhub broke
  248. Superhub DD-WRT & SuperHub = No WAN IP
  249. VM Router D Link Router
  250. 30M Opinions wanted.

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