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  1. 2mb to 4mb?
  2. help using webcache proxy
  3. UBR Upgrade
  4. Simple modem/router question
  5. Belfast stm update
  6. Just signed up for 50meg
  7. Virgin Media 20mb Lag Issues
  8. How to boost the upload speed
  9. long standing UBR overload
  10. Intermittent Speed Issues.
  11. Virgin Media Christmas offers
  12. PC Guard
  13. New Modem Not Holding Upload Speed
  14. chuffed and happy
  15. Area By Area True Speed
  16. VM does not support upload?
  17. 20 Meg service is poor
  18. VM broadband and Belkin routers
  19. freephone 0800 ?
  20. What's happening here?
  21. Help! No Disk!
  22. Page time outs -
  23. Dan elwells speed test
  24. Wow that was quick.
  25. cannot negotiate to my web set up
  26. belkin n1 vision
  27. Downloads freezing up
  28. 20mg upgrade = browser freezes
  29. Network Information, little info?
  30. laptop using wireless slowing down internet and causing lagg !!!
  31. UBR oversubscribing
  32. Relocating router help please!
  33. Routing through Level 3 Communications - problem or not?
  34. Virgin Media Broadband without a phone line fault socket?
  35. Recently been getting shocking speeds
  36. Mind numbing speeds
  37. Throttled to 15KB Upload....nice
  38. Virgin - 20mb connection disconnecting
  39. Setting up the router?
  40. Virgin National (Beyond Cable - ADSL - LLU) 16Mbit avaliable from tomorrow ;)
  41. UBR upgrade not proceeding?
  42. 50Mbps Cities by Cities only !!!!
  43. 10MB only going about 0.5 or 1.0MB-Modem log included-Was ok now bad
  44. Whats with speed restrictions?!!
  45. wireless is so bad
  46. Virgin Santa's Bulging Sack
  47. PC guard Activation
  48. 2MB increasing to 10MB after Xmas?
  49. Uh.. Weirdness, is it worth phoning in and reporting...
  50. Can you get a second modem without a second subscription?
  51. no broadband
  52. Intermittent Connection Drops
  53. Can we not use torrents with VM?
  54. Beyond A Joke
  55. Cannot connect to certain websites - different problem to others
  56. Is Upgrade speed pointless with speed capping?
  57. Broadband minimum 12-month contract
  58. host name
  59. Sound right to you?
  60. Cheap 20Mb Upgrade
  61. Committing Fraud Or Not?
  62. E-Mail Password Changed - Cannot Access Anymore
  63. BBc1 and bBc2 to stream live online from next week
  64. Internet dropping for last two days. are my signal levels ok?
  65. I've got 10mb through Set top box
  66. Just formatted , now no internet connection with VM
  67. Problem with lag
  68. Multiple platform problems
  69. Intermittent Connetion Drops/ Disconnects
  70. Virgin upload in Swansea
  71. Unable to connect to specific web site
  72. Bills..
  73. Random disconnections.
  74. Just Upgraded
  75. Virgin routing problems?
  76. What is my contract now?
  77. Question 1st or 2nd hop in tracert 10.xx.xx.xx IP
  78. Bye bye VM
  79. Sloooow (yes, problem with internet speed)
  80. XP causes connection to drop, Vista doesn't?
  81. Lost packets and poor connection reliability
  82. modem ready light flashing
  83. 20 MB Virgin media best wireless router.
  84. When will I get my first bill?
  85. Belfast speeds
  86. Very strange problem
  87. BBC Iplayer and speed cuts
  88. Is Receive PWR level of 11dBmv OK?
  89. Am I missing something ?
  90. is not being upgraded
  91. Ethernet cables
  92. Serious problems since upgrading to Large (10Mb)
  93. Does this give me the right to cancel?
  94. Are these signal levels ok ?
  95. Could someone please tell me?
  96. At last....
  97. Please advise on my V internet connection.
  98. Unrealistic Expectations?
  99. Wonky Internet Connection, need advice!
  100. Virgin looking at implementing 15% VAT rate (was VM say no to 15% VAT)
  101. Dreadful 20Mbps hit Telford area today
  102. Connection dropping every few seconds.
  103. virgin media usenet?
  104. Worst Customer Service Experience Ever
  105. speed test
  106. Problem with wireless
  107. BB Down in Oldham area?
  108. Is my modem giving up the ghost? (Ambit 100), annoying connection issues
  109. VM web site SSL cert config error
  110. Just upgraded to 10 meg but am only getting 5meg
  111. Crazy
  112. 20Mb UBR Info, pretty please?
  113. Luton low speed or just me
  114. problems activating virgin cable broadband
  115. Free Router
  116. You Tube.. Final Straw??
  117. Netgear WGR614 v9 to latest firmware
  118. Outage in Essex area
  119. Cant connect wireless WGR614 Netgear
  120. Speed Issue
  121. Speed issues
  122. Cable Modem + STB
  123. A new modem won't fix this will it?
  124. Aquiring Network Address
  125. Relakks dont do it
  126. mobile internet
  127. My upload speed is.. not working??
  128. Intermitant connection drops
  129. Deaf customer,Vm don't do email,write to us or speak to us
  130. 121mb on vm 20mb package :0
  131. Sunday PM Dropouts
  132. SK14 slow speeds
  133. [MERGED] VM Traffic Shaping
  134. Getting 30mbit+ at the moment
  135. Problems In DN37
  136. Ambit 255...
  137. Motorla Surfboard
  138. Limited or No Connectivity
  139. virgin Wireless Manager stops me connecting wirelessly outside my home
  140. VM Phone Number
  141. Virgin's 50Mb broadband arriving December 15?
  142. Losing Connection Several Times a Day
  143. best broadband for xbox live
  144. Gaming on multiplay
  145. Virgin Media BB - too much lag online PS3?
  146. What is your favourite cable modem?
  147. New SpeedTest For Cable
  148. virgin 10mb broadband
  149. Vonage / Routing issue?
  150. 20mb service just installed help
  151. New rules offer clarity on broadband speed
  152. Step Dad received letter about Downloading?
  153. Anyone else can't view anything?
  154. DNS
  155. Connections Limit
  156. Virgin cant upgrade my modem? 2mb > 10mb
  157. whats going on?
  158. How much is Broadband?
  159. BB modem dropping connection?
  160. Another High Latency Issue
  161. Massive packet loss in GPL
  162. problems connecting my wireless
  163. Connection Loss
  164. which modem?
  165. What should my upload speed be? [2Mb - Updated]
  166. Instability on the 10MB tier.
  167. routing issues?
  168. Which router?
  169. I had enough with it
  170. Virgin Media and PS3 = no go
  171. Virgin Media Censoring Wikipedia
  172. How can i change my IP address?
  173. 4th sunday on the run, ridiculous now
  174. Virgin have cut off my internet link because I'm upgrading from STB to Cable Modem!
  175. Fastest upload ?
  176. Have to reset password every time logging into account
  177. Virgin Media Complaint
  178. BBC website streaming video
  179. Upstream power level
  180. PCGuard Security Password
  181. Losing connection while downloading
  182. Problem with 8MB to 16 MB -
  183. Connection dropping on 10Mb service
  184. What a shocking - read here:
  185. Newsgroup Response Times
  186. If your 50Mb become available next Monday ....
  187. £19.50 Per month to upgrade?
  188. Changing from USB to Ethernet problem
  189. Is this against the TOS?
  190. VM routing my traffic through Ireland
  191. 10MBIT should not be this slow right?
  192. Strange claim by VM Broadband Tech
  193. Weird one! Help needed
  194. Upgrade Free For A Month And Get Billed For It!
  195. Problems With Upgrade From 2MB to 10MB
  196. Speed 'Issues'.
  197. Just gone live - and need some advice
  198. Moving from wireless to LAN
  199. [MERGED]Can someone tell me the status of my UBR?
  200. E-mail from VM when traffic managed???
  201. Wireless/Internet connection cuts out after short while using virgin + netgear
  202. Help with router from virgin
  203. VM street green box doors open
  204. VPN Setting for Virgin Media
  205. Filesharing/Rapid share
  206. Have big problem with modem
  207. Virgin Supplied Netgear WGR614 Router
  208. Strange Ambit problem
  209. 2Mb to 10Mb free offer probs
  210. Problem with Virgin Postcode checker
  211. 10mb with a Sammy STB ?!?
  212. traffic management and how to download efficiently? =]
  213. 50 Meg is here!!
  214. Internet issues - DNS? or what?
  215. manchester problems on 15th
  216. 20Mb broadband speed and router problems
  217. Service cancelled... but I STILL have internet access.
  218. What is BitTorrent exactly?
  219. Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users
  220. Virgin talking 100Mb
  221. Virgin Broadband speeds and packages
  222. Connection Problems
  223. VM migration to DOCSIS 3.0
  224. Why do people insist on posting about torrents and stuff.
  225. Virgin blocking router
  226. L22 Area Of Liverpool
  227. Leaving Virgin Media (complaints procedure?)
  228. 50mb has been installed.
  229. 50mb service and routers
  230. Heres a post I never thought I'd make
  231. 50mb Service Cost
  232. 50mb Nightmare!
  233. Free Router Deals?
  234. were technicians briefed in advance of 50Mb release?
  235. complaining about virgin media?
  236. Warrington Area speed/DNS issues -info inside
  237. 50mbit final upload speed.
  238. Unable to connect to VM FTP
  239. Unable to browse to cable modem!
  240. Time on Modem
  241. 1:44 am modem disconnects (daily)
  242. 1.5Mbit upload. Is it sufficient?
  243. 50mbit area rollout plan, is it going to be made public?
  244. Yoyo-ing Connection Issue
  245. Problems with VM WiFi with PDA / work laptop...
  246. Here we go again
  247. Area DN15 Out of Action 21st Dec 2008
  248. Youtube on iphone (possibly another Warrington Issue)
  249. Upload speeds
  250. Can A BT Homehub be made to work on Cable Modem