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  1. Can anyone help me find out if I'm 10mb or not?
  2. Given Up on VM
  3. Well, I gave it a try...but alas.
  4. Why does this happen ?
  5. Getting some really strange speeds, not sure if STM or not.
  6. How to find out what speeds your modem can handle?
  7. Videotron Westminster Telephone network
  8. Lagging while gaming ... any ideas?
  9. Bad ping and speeds
  10. Is there light at the end of the tunnel for VM?
  11. XL 20 mbs not yet!!- how to get it fixed?
  12. Virgin Media - If there's no light, I'm off
  13. Getting this a lot tonight
  14. I've had enough of these speeds!
  15. Alternative proxy connections.
  16. Deperate help need i can't call VM and argue no more
  17. Virgin Media Broadband package change - M to L
  18. Uber slow speeds after 4pmish
  19. Throttling, cant play Supreme Commander
  20. uTorrent Problem
  21. Issues with 10 meg service (only getting 2.3 meg with proof)
  22. It's Official...VM are the fastest!
  23. Does VM care about existing customers
  24. My 20Mb Is The Same Speed As My Friends 4Mb
  25. Rather slow
  26. Can you figure this out???
  27. Slow speeds
  28. Am I a heavy downloader?
  29. Internet Connection Issues
  30. Traffic management, let me get this straight?
  31. sftp download only going at 140 KB/s. Is this application management?
  32. slow internet / dumb support
  33. is there a reliable upload speed test ?
  34. PHORM has started!
  35. Problem with internet via STB - a very disgruntled customer!
  36. Why is virgin launching 50mb broadband
  37. STM Info
  38. Boot up PC then delay of about 1 hour until internet works
  39. are they blocking some sites?
  40. more lag/slow speeds
  41. Connecting Xbox 360 to Samsung SMT-2110C STB
  42. What's going on with my internet?
  43. geocities no longer works after STB reboot
  44. Voice Over IP
  45. Virgin Media doesn't like discussing Phorm in its group
  46. Virgin Media ridicules prices
  47. Moving house
  48. Virgin and dl'ing music.
  49. Constant inbound "attack"
  50. try again with virgin b-band device
  51. Newark, Nottinghamshire issues?
  52. Mail Shot Arrived Today
  53. Router registration
  54. What now?
  55. Is everyone capped?
  56. Moving Cable Modem
  57. From Router To Modem 25MS?
  58. Connection capped tonight - Low Usage
  59. Newsgroups Strange Problem
  60. Sudden loss of Internet
  61. stuck in Internet limbo
  62. Can anyone explain STM to me?
  63. Which one would you prefer
  64. Abysmal "customer support"
  65. Definitely something going on here.
  66. TV causing internet drop-outs?
  67. Vista Broadband Tweaks
  69. traffic management or virgin fault ?
  70. I'd like to thank...
  71. angry at vm
  72. Ambit 100 resetting
  73. Netgear Connection
  74. Not sure
  75. VM Laying new Cable??
  76. Compatabilty issue
  77. Do wirless routers have a speed limit as well???
  78. Get full 20 meg but have SLOW ftp downloads!!
  79. support newsgroups with VM
  80. EH7:Faulty TV and Cable Broadband for 3 days.
  81. Look at this speedtest and tell me what you think......
  82. ANGRY: Manchester / Oldham broadband down since Tuesday (OL8 + SK6 areas)
  83. No broadband connection after being reconnected
  84. Virgin Media cable signal strength
  85. More Liverpool Problems?
  86. Anybody know when dates are for virgin mobile broadband?
  87. Hmm, is VM's traffic management system offline?
  88. Phone xl+broadband M for 20.49p?
  89. Flickering enet-send-recv lights
  90. Is switching to O2 broadband a no brainer.
  91. Sloooooooooooow internet
  92. TW1 Fault
  93. BT with Virgin
  94. Drop Outs
  95. Upgraded to 20mb
  96. 21ST CN and Virgin Media
  97. Confused over platform move for 20Mb
  98. Huge wireless problems! Tried 4 routers so far!
  99. RPC over HTTP / Outlook Anywhere
  100. WPN824 Speed on 20Mb connection
  101. IP Addresses...
  102. please help a modem wireless connection
  103. Changing VM's modem with a router
  104. STM after 9pm
  105. Seems odd - Liverpool Area
  106. Virgin Ethernet Connection.
  107. Connection intermittently stopping for the past few weeks - NG10
  108. leaving virgin - line problems!
  109. NR31 and 50 MEG
  110. VM what a joke!
  111. Most irritating replies from Technican Services
  112. Routing problems in knowsley
  113. Virgin Cable Speed - 2
  114. Configuration File
  115. Student Packs?
  116. Giganews Speeds
  117. 20mbit Virgin media but can only ftp 1 download at 10mbit
  118. Can't Get on Some Sites*
  119. Old Terayon modem.
  120. fed up with crappy speeds
  121. Anything wrong with this?
  122. Sky to remove download limit and stop STM??
  123. 2 lines not possible !!
  124. How can I get a wireless connection?
  125. RG24 problems
  126. Have upgrades started in Croydon - speed getting worse
  127. my 10mb is poo around this time at nights
  128. Cant access Internet
  129. Kick in the teeth for VM!
  130. Area reference number?
  131. How do I....
  132. BB and TV gone, 2nd time
  133. Virgin lag :O not unusual
  134. Router recommendations anyone?
  135. slow speed L18
  136. Pathetic excuse.
  137. Belkin N1 Vision Router
  138. Pingz
  139. Additional modem
  140. Problems in Swansea this evening
  141. is this even close to 20mb
  142. Router mac
  143. slow upload speeds at max
  144. I managed to sort my slow connection problem
  145. connection constantly kicking out when I hit max speed
  146. Rate it, your ISP
  147. Upgrade from broadband M to L 4mb or 10mb
  148. 20mb cable and belkin n1 mimo
  149. BB Speed.
  150. Wording in T&C's of 2 packages
  151. Page load errors on some sites
  152. If I use a proxy to download from rapidshare...
  153. Virgin Media to possibly peer with LINX (London Internet Exchange)
  154. please help connection problem
  155. Traffic Management question?
  156. Slightly disappointed with 20meg
  157. Broadband going forward
  158. Virgin cable speed!
  159. What still no Phorm thread ??
  160. Bittorrent On VM
  161. Can anyone tell me what a cable simulator is?
  162. When Trying to Access O2 Online Store....
  163. SLA - Business internet
  164. high speed question
  165. Why do 4 programs take up 50 connections in netstat?!?!?!
  166. Very poor speed problem
  167. 2Mb Upgrade
  168. People in the leeds area
  169. Insanely Bad Connection Problems
  170. Broadband Issues
  171. One Way Internet
  172. Get new virgin modem today.....
  173. Help with laptop please
  174. Time of Day Errors
  175. 20 Meg BB is so slow.
  176. Modem losing config file details
  177. slow internet speeds
  178. Continual Outages all yesterday and today
  179. Modem stick in pre-activation state
  180. Apologies
  181. I Have Given Up On Virgin Media
  182. Moving Home
  183. unstable download speed today
  184. help will i get 20MB BB in stoke, st4, ?
  185. Unresponsive connection
  186. kids have gone back
  187. Phone number for cancelling NTL/Virgin Broadband
  188. Problem with speeds - please help
  189. I have to pay for a wireless router that is free to new customers?
  190. lots of packet loss
  191. vm & Rapidshare
  192. Internet Connection Help
  193. Connecting direct
  194. Fibre optic?
  195. 20 Meg, what 20Meg?
  196. rubbish bandwidth of ADSL - 100kb while 8Gb expected
  197. Modem going down!
  198. Service Down
  199. Installation man said he will fit a new cable. He's gone!!
  200. so is 20 mb fully up and running everywhere
  201. pcguard startup group and c++ 2005
  202. This sound correct to anyone? (speed related)
  203. "They have lost out"?
  204. slow speeds between 8pm - 1am
  205. Phom update?
  206. "up to 10mb" no...up to 4mb
  207. Cable modem - requires virgin info?
  208. Where's my upgrade?
  209. Who is responsible for route changes to games servers?
  210. DNS Server problem.
  211. Virgin Media Mobile Broadband
  212. High Pings
  213. Really bad/slow Internet, and very rude c/service, any advice plz?
  214. Merseyside Slow
  215. speed south manchester
  216. Virginmedia fault in Swansea area.
  217. Virgin selling users info, starting price £65.
  218. lag spikes/packet loss/slow periods on 10mb
  219. Down grading?
  220. 100MB Capacity and USB connection question.
  221. Help with speed test connection
  222. Dial up from mobile help.
  223. Virgin Media Internet/Xbox Live Connection Issue
  224. i feel the need to rant!
  225. Websites Not Properly Loading
  226. Error Codes
  227. Modem Password
  228. What will we get
  229. Permenant proxy?
  230. Should I make the jump to Virgin?
  231. fibre optic: is it worth it?
  232. VM Rapidshare problem..
  233. £40 charge for wireless modem!
  234. Fault Resolution - Expected Timescales
  235. Cloned Modem?
  236. I'm tired of Page Load Error
  237. Recieved new modem, Require Coaxial cable please help!
  238. account sharing
  239. Netgear Wireless Router not connecting to Laptop
  240. Swansea Problem or not?
  241. modem or network ?
  242. PC Guard problem
  243. PCGuard slows down google maps
  244. Email and cancelling my subscription
  245. Specials for existing customers.
  246. Non cable area
  247. Ridiculous amount of applications using the internet
  248. Comcast's Approach To Congestion
  249. Sudden stopping.
  250. Speedtest Results

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