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  1. No internet weird error log
  2. No daytime Upload stm ?
  3. Modem Error in Log
  4. Fibre to Fibre
  5. VM package/router questions
  6. Slow internet and how do I speak to an English speaking member of staff?
  7. Network Timeout (Still Connected)
  8. IP Change in Portsmouth (and reseg?)
  9. Speeds are finally what they should be
  10. Netgear WGR614v9 wireless router disconnecting
  11. Poor speeds on PSN
  12. Terrible Speeds!
  13. Problems with Virgin Media Modem for setting up remote access
  14. wgr614 v9 router
  15. New Router.
  16. ITV i-player
  17. VM "intends" to deliver HD via the Internet
  18. Problem connecting Netgear WGT714
  19. online pings
  20. Virgin Media Limiting to certain servers?
  21. Lots of loss
  22. What kind of ping should I be getting?
  23. Virgin vs Utorrent
  24. 20Mb speed gone to 4mb ?
  25. Maximum Distance from a VM Green Cab?
  26. XL = terrible ping, speed and packets loss
  27. Crap Gaming Performance: VM + BF2
  28. WAN Miniport PPPoE ????
  29. Supplied modem
  30. 50mb installation 27th.
  31. Virgin Broadband and Linux?
  32. connecting stb bb to new pc
  33. Downstream Power Level
  34. On 20Meg. But Slow Speeds. Oversubscribed!
  35. Modem Stops Working a Midnight (And Other Times)
  36. Help Please
  37. Good Job for once
  38. Virgin Media Technical Support Nightmare (India)
  39. Virgin Media blocks the Internet Archive
  40. Anyone got speed probs with binary newsgroups
  41. Virgins router...which comes first
  42. Modem replacement advice
  43. Strange speed issue
  44. 2x wireless work but ethernet don't...
  45. Modem stats
  46. Terrible speeds, Virgin won't do anything about it. Any suggestions?
  47. Broadband without Phone
  48. live streaming stops connection
  49. Any way to get a lower bb price?
  50. ftth (Fibre To The Home)
  51. When did Gateshead UBR get 10mbps on 'L'
  52. 55 DbmV upstream power level
  53. Upgrading to 50Mbit
  54. Advice needed please re. wireless setup
  55. Belkin N1 router probs with virgin
  56. Default password
  57. 10mb service
  58. Broadband issues in ipswich
  59. 2MB BB Upgrading to 4MB?
  60. Virgin on the ridiculous
  61. New computer cant connect
  62. 50Mbit Service Upstream Discussion
  63. Bad response times since christmas.
  64. sb5100 send light flashing
  65. Connection issues...advice please
  66. Virgin Media Problems for 6 Months
  67. VM router, how to restrict bandwidth?
  68. Downstream issue perhaps? - Leamington Spa
  69. newbie
  70. one for Bradford area night owls - Planned network maintenance next week.
  71. Download is fine, Upload is slow.
  72. speed tester wrong?
  73. CH5 Streaming
  74. Speed issue..
  75. Weird Problems since last night
  76. virginmedia 50meg
  77. connecting to additional laptop
  78. connecting 360 to set top box
  79. Is This a Bogus email from VM
  80. Is PCGuard any good?
  81. Upload Limit
  82. Odd events in Event Viewer
  83. 2 Problems
  84. Virgin Media Broadband + Mobile
  85. vm mobile messages?
  86. Software to run all night testing for DC/packet loss?
  87. BBC iplayer and iPod touch
  88. do my modem settings ( power etc ) look ok?
  89. Virgin Media Packages
  90. Connection issues..
  91. VM Newsgroup
  92. Speed Issues...
  93. Connection drops for 30secs - 10 mins.
  94. Packet Loss Locations
  95. only getting 7mb when paying for 20mb
  96. World of warcraft connection problem
  97. pcguard parental control
  98. Virgin Media Webmail
  99. You tube slow speeds
  100. Slow Speeds!!!
  101. Upload speeds
  102. Cable Modem
  103. not sure what this means in my modem config file?
  104. negative torrent therapy
  105. Constant Disconnection (every 5 to 10 minutes)
  106. 50mb
  107. Virgin Media Proxy
  108. Slow Speeds Finally The Truth
  109. Newb Question
  110. Virgin Media In Tamworth, Slow Speeds, Over Subscribed
  111. Problems staying connected
  112. Virgin newsgroup server
  113. 50 megs in london
  114. Maidstone UBR01 Oversubscribed/Huge packet loss
  115. Any tech supports got 5 mins?
  116. Virgin Media Capping Times ...+ Bandwith
  117. Whats your average speed
  118. Whats it called
  119. White Telewst Broadband Cable Box Problem
  120. Vista 64 bit cable modem 351000 driver
  121. Problem getting internet connection between VM Modem and Netgear WGR614V9
  122. Virgin Media Data Retention Period
  123. Problems about upload speed
  124. vrgnMdia Default Gateway???
  125. Anyone else noticing their modem not working in the morning?
  126. DNS/TRACERT Naming explanation?
  127. How do you claim money off your bill ?
  128. Packet loss every 30 seconds (approximately)
  129. Birmingham broadband connection problem
  130. Unable to download from newsgroup, suddenly stopped
  131. Problems Activating PC Guard
  132. Top 5
  133. Typical of VM services
  134. Basic wireless network Q
  135. Netgear WGR614 wireless disconnects
  136. Gaming on 10mb cable
  137. 20mb internet, what should be my upload and download speed?
  138. Broadband via STB
  139. Intermittent connection
  140. can't reach part of the world...
  141. 50 Meg Bromley Exchange roll out date?
  142. BitTorrent kills my net
  143. Virgin Broadband's REAL throttle times ?
  144. wanting to cancel my broadband
  145. strange loss of connection problem return
  146. OH FFING Happy Xmas Customer!!
  147. high dc voltage?
  148. Is Netguard still OK to use?
  149. Leicester broadband connection problems
  150. 50Mbit Traceroute Please
  151. Newcastle Area - Service down?
  152. How far could Virgin cable connections technically go?
  153. When are VM going to sort the false STM trigger out!!!!!!
  154. We are so screwed :(
  155. virginmedia through netgear DG834G router
  156. Replacement Router
  157. Can A BT Homehub be made to work on Cable Modem
  158. Upload speeds
  159. Youtube on iphone (possibly another Warrington Issue)
  160. Area DN15 Out of Action 21st Dec 2008
  161. Here we go again
  162. Problems with VM WiFi with PDA / work laptop...
  163. Yoyo-ing Connection Issue
  164. 50mbit area rollout plan, is it going to be made public?
  165. 1.5Mbit upload. Is it sufficient?
  166. 1:44 am modem disconnects (daily)
  167. Time on Modem
  168. Unable to browse to cable modem!
  169. Unable to connect to VM FTP
  170. 50mbit final upload speed.
  171. Warrington Area speed/DNS issues -info inside
  172. complaining about virgin media?
  173. were technicians briefed in advance of 50Mb release?
  174. Free Router Deals?
  175. 50mb Nightmare!
  176. 50mb Service Cost
  177. Heres a post I never thought I'd make
  178. 50mb service and routers
  179. 50mb has been installed.
  180. Leaving Virgin Media (complaints procedure?)
  181. L22 Area Of Liverpool
  182. Virgin blocking router
  183. Why do people insist on posting about torrents and stuff.
  184. VM migration to DOCSIS 3.0
  185. Connection Problems
  186. Virgin Broadband speeds and packages
  187. Virgin talking 100Mb
  188. Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users
  189. What is BitTorrent exactly?
  190. Service cancelled... but I STILL have internet access.
  191. 20Mb broadband speed and router problems
  192. manchester problems on 15th
  193. Internet issues - DNS? or what?
  194. 50 Meg is here!!
  195. traffic management and how to download efficiently? =]
  196. 10mb with a Sammy STB ?!?
  197. Problem with Virgin Postcode checker
  198. 2Mb to 10Mb free offer probs
  199. Strange Ambit problem
  200. Virgin Supplied Netgear WGR614 Router
  201. Have big problem with modem
  202. Filesharing/Rapid share
  203. VPN Setting for Virgin Media
  204. VM street green box doors open
  205. Help with router from virgin
  206. Wireless/Internet connection cuts out after short while using virgin + netgear
  207. E-mail from VM when traffic managed???
  208. [MERGED]Can someone tell me the status of my UBR?
  209. Moving from wireless to LAN
  210. Just gone live - and need some advice
  211. Speed 'Issues'.
  212. Problems With Upgrade From 2MB to 10MB
  213. Upgrade Free For A Month And Get Billed For It!
  214. Weird one! Help needed
  215. Strange claim by VM Broadband Tech
  216. 10MBIT should not be this slow right?
  217. VM routing my traffic through Ireland
  218. Is this against the TOS?
  219. Changing from USB to Ethernet problem
  220. £19.50 Per month to upgrade?
  221. If your 50Mb become available next Monday ....
  222. Newsgroup Response Times
  223. What a shocking - read here:
  224. Connection dropping on 10Mb service
  225. Problem with 8MB to 16 MB -
  226. Losing connection while downloading
  227. PCGuard Security Password
  228. Upstream power level
  229. BBC website streaming video
  230. Virgin Media Complaint
  231. Have to reset password every time logging into account
  232. Fastest upload ?
  233. Virgin have cut off my internet link because I'm upgrading from STB to Cable Modem!
  234. 4th sunday on the run, ridiculous now
  235. How can i change my IP address?
  236. Virgin Media Censoring Wikipedia
  237. Virgin Media and PS3 = no go
  238. I had enough with it
  239. Which router?
  240. routing issues?
  241. Instability on the 10MB tier.
  242. What should my upload speed be? [2Mb - Updated]
  243. which modem?
  244. Connection Loss
  245. problems connecting my wireless
  246. Massive packet loss in GPL
  247. Another High Latency Issue
  248. BB modem dropping connection?
  249. How much is Broadband?
  250. whats going on?

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