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  1. Virgin to tackle piracy with new MP3 service
  2. Server Not found (after new Modem)
  3. V-Stuff: problems / solutions?
  4. Great News!
  5. 250 modem/fault
  6. Argh 20MB down to 2MB. NOT STM'd
  7. Broadband problems in the Swansea area
  8. People with slow 50Mbit Please Read This
  9. Why can't broadband tech support tell the truth?
  10. Broadband connection problems
  11. Intermittent 10 minute broadband and TV outages
  12. ip changes
  13. Intermittent Disconnection
  14. Buffering Issues with Youtube
  15. twin connection
  16. frustrated with the broadband
  17. speed test on 50mb virgin, slow or ok
  18. 50mb USENET Problem
  19. 2mb to 10mb, now back to 2mb?
  20. Slow download speed (Herts area)
  21. Broadband joke speeds
  22. Are my levels too low or too high?
  23. PHORM - Update needed
  24. North west
  25. Edinburgh, Slow download speeds
  26. Trying to connect to work VPN thru BB
  27. Connecting a hardware firewall to Virgin cable modem
  28. NTL Business Modem
  29. SlingPlayer on 50MB
  30. Virgin media have started to migrate DOCSIS 3 Swansea
  31. New customer getting slow speed on 10meg Bradford 7 area
  32. 20MB broadband
  33. Incredibly bad ping.
  34. Confused BB Pricing
  35. Virgin Media's ADSL Broadband advice needed....
  36. V Stuff privacy and "unlimited" questions?
  37. Sites suddenly not working
  38. Cardiff Broadband @ .3mb/s
  39. Slow in Middlesbrough (TS6 0)
  40. Oversubscribed ubr my rights?
  41. Virgin Media and Newzbins
  42. Problems accessing a web site
  43. Positive feedback for VM
  44. Whats the correct levels for 50 MB router
  45. Drop outs occasionally
  46. 50mb Installed Today Slow Download Speeds Bham Area
  47. How is Virgin Media nowadays ? Thinking of moving from ADSL
  48. Modem Log
  49. Tech guys giving up!, not too happy
  50. Does Virgin Media run on batteries?
  51. Netgear WG602 & Vista
  52. New Modem still not arrived
  53. Internet timing out problem
  54. Hotfile download.
  55. 20MB user, getting awful speeds.
  56. packetloss on my first hop.
  57. Does this sound like a network fault to you?
  58. Anyone able to check pls
  59. 50mb Install
  60. Freezing downloads all browsers
  61. NEW VIRGIN PACKAGE for old customer
  62. 10mb to under 1mb & loss of connection..
  63. Street cabinet with no doors
  64. What router will get the best out of VM 50mbit?
  65. Do I need 10mb upgrade?
  66. 20MB Slowdowns
  67. Some advice on 50MB
  68. Help with connection problem
  69. Performance levels
  70. 50mb problem
  71. 50MB New Installation Low Power Levels?
  72. 10meg price
  73. 50meg modem instability test
  74. What's causing my slow speed? (20mb)
  75. New 50Mb Install
  76. Virgin Media and Rapidshare Problems
  77. Issues Connecting
  78. 50mbit - Wired vs. Wireless and Netgear vs. hacked Linksys
  79. Odd Net Drop
  80. nw3 (camden) 50 meg upstream wont lock :(
  81. Modem being rejected by network
  82. 50 meg support
  83. 50MB Price Help.
  84. ADSL only works when phone in use
  85. ADSL 4-5meg via Ethernet, wireless only to improve?.
  86. Constant issues with the 50mpbs connection.
  87. Power levels for 50mb, recent installation
  88. 50mb Channel bonding
  89. linksys wrt110 no DNS server assigned
  90. blue screen of death since 50mb!
  91. Need Help with ADSL settings
  92. Problems please help
  93. How do you enquire on a Ticket Number
  94. 50meg User Register
  95. serious issues with 20mb
  96. 50mb to 5? Good SNR and Power levels?
  97. Probable Overheating Street Cabinet
  98. Crazy download speeds this morning
  99. Views on 50 MB
  100. Last week or so, 10mb slow, unbareable Ploss.
  101. Help broadband speeds dead again!
  102. A thank you thread
  103. 20Mb problems last few weeks - GL52
  104. vstuff is the pits
  105. Welcome to our world
  106. This Confuses me....
  107. VM Goodies?
  108. Home Address wrong every time!
  109. Improving Download Speeds
  110. I can't change my IP Address anymore
  111. Documentation supplied with ADSL Setup
  112. Dismal speeds from 9pm~12am
  113. any one now how to stop people from cloning macs
  114. Unidentified network
  115. Start/Stop 20mbit Very Intermittent
  116. [50mb] Regular Ping Spikes / Packet Loss
  117. Intermittent connection
  118. Is there a way to get better upload speeds.
  119. Problem With The NetGear Router
  120. 50MB, New to virgin media
  122. Another Slow 50mb!
  123. 3rd party proxies
  124. 50Meg
  125. News.virginmedia problems
  126. Getting a new modem could solve speed problems!
  127. Why am i lagging.
  128. 200meg
  129. Changing from Virgin Media Cable 10MB to ADSL2 ~4MBS
  130. 20Mb XL and poor download speeds + lag (Downstream Pwr Lvl: 9.1 dBmV)
  131. moving home question
  132. How would i go about this.
  133. modem/ wiring issues
  134. 20Mb using 3 channels
  135. Slight problem
  136. Ipswich 20mb evenings slows to standstill
  137. The VM Network?
  138. Lag whilst hosting on Xbox LIVE
  139. One for Broadbandings to comment on
  140. 2-10Mb Upgrade roll out plan
  141. Slow in Warrington, Cheshire
  142. Xbox Live issue
  143. Props to Virgin!
  144. which wireless router should i use for 50mb?
  145. 50Mb Self Install?
  146. CRC errors on rar files
  147. Modem/Router on or off?
  148. portsmouth poor speed for 2days
  149. LU postcode - slow browsing
  150. New customer few questions.
  151. Check levels, had poor connection.
  152. 50Mbit Modem / Ambit 300 And P2P
  153. A friend is having problems with his net
  154. Any problems in nottingham?
  155. Is this a joke?
  156. Lincoln - Slow Browsing?
  157. Edinburgh Area, Slow Browsing Speeds
  158. I never see 10meg on
  159. Very bad packet loss
  160. PlusNet v Micro' Outlook v ntlworld
  161. The true cost of Virgin's service
  162. Some help please
  163. Complete Loss of Internet in Belfast?
  164. Are these levels OK for 50meg
  165. Speed usage question.
  166. Randomly blocking ports and IPs
  167. Upgrading in the morning to 50meg
  168. Drivers needed for Webstar Epc 2100
  169. New Modem?
  170. 50meg problem with new router
  171. Will This Work for 50 MEG BB ?
  172. Unusable Connection after 9pm (Wolverhampton)
  173. New UCD in effect
  174. New boy needs help please
  175. Slow in ST15?
  176. I got a spare modem
  177. Is my 50mb modem ok?
  178. Problem in LS1 area
  179. Corrupt downloads through Netgear router
  180. V Stuff backup - sloooooow!
  181. slow internet speeds with 20mb?
  182. Problem in TW2 Area
  183. Virgin Email Address
  184. 10mb Internet Question
  185. 50MB install charge...?
  186. TheInquirer "The connection has timed out"
  187. Really slow download speed in Newport SW
  188. Business Connection
  189. Bradley Stoke & Virginmedia.
  190. Good way to find out if your modem is supported by Virgin Media(10mb/20mb etc.)
  191. Can someone check these signal levels please
  192. Unusable speeds in Southampton?
  193. Xbox LIVE hosting matches in COD 4 // Virgin 20mb BB.
  194. Internet cuts off constantly?
  195. Just upgraded to 20mb - Price seem right?
  196. 50Mbps Problems due Netgear WNR2000 Wirless N Router?
  197. pc and xbl on same connection
  198. crappy connection Saga Cardiff
  199. Ping and connection ok but some websites unusable
  200. 2MB to 10MB Upgrade Issues!
  201. Is Virgin blocking port 563
  202. Signed up for 20mb... two connections in the same house??
  203. Will 50Mb only cost me £35 pm?
  204. Very poor speeds
  205. Contract only?
  206. Virgin Increase Usage
  207. Loss of broadband
  208. Virgins Hype and Rubbish Service
  209. speed upgrade contract ?
  210. Should i Get 50meg?
  211. V Stuff Backup and network drives
  212. Moving house to an area without access to cable 5 Months into a contract
  213. Appalling Speed 20MB Nottingham
  214. ATT: VM Techs Question about SNR
  215. Leased line / Managed Internet Access question
  216. Looking for info on wireless routers
  217. yet another unhappy 50MB Thread and questions?
  218. Redirect/ routing probs caused by VM PC Guard
  219. access to 50mb router page
  220. Slow upload and download speeds on Virgin 20MB
  221. Napster
  222. Paying £25/month for BB L its £20 on their site?
  223. Cardiff cf24 area - slow speeds and useless connection anybody? Rant here
  224. no STM on friday night?
  225. Leaflet today: UPgrade 10MB to 20MB for 4 quid a month extra?
  226. How is this possible?
  227. Regular packet loss - any ideas?
  228. 50mb questions, also check levels pls
  229. Derby area gone again
  230. 50 MB install question
  231. Good or Bad? - 200mb Speed Testing
  232. How Much Do You Pay For 50mb?
  233. Upload Throttled or area fault?
  234. Slow speeds on 20mbps
  235. Throttled ?
  236. 50mb Config and Help
  237. PS3 Gaming, suddenly slow connection
  238. Isn't it time VM allowed static IP's?
  239. Measuring BB speed?
  240. Extremely unsatisfied Virgin user (Swansea)
  241. Internet Disconecting When Uploading
  242. 20 mb connection
  243. Help with connection problem
  244. Virgin Media eases back on throttle!, but not much
  245. New STM Levels for BB L and XL customers
  246. Problems with Wi-Fi router
  247. Dropping Connections
  248. 20mb problems in Leicester, 11pm daily
  249. Can you help me test this, please?
  250. VM customer and my 50mb simply doesn't work

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