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  1. Terrible ADSL Broadband and Virgin just won't fix it
  2. Constant disconnections from 50mb service, random and getting worse
  3. 50mb what should upload speed be
  4. VStuff 50mb Unlimited Space
  5. Any reason for half speed?
  6. Does Bittorrent Traffic Effect Speedtests?
  7. Is 50mb really that broken
  8. Internet connection in the Walsall area last night
  9. Derby internet problems
  10. when is 100mbit coming?
  11. Virgin ADSL - Capped Again
  12. upgrade from 10 to 20
  13. Poor Service - Please help!
  14. ATT: Igni and Seph
  15. Odd ping times....
  16. moved to overlay network
  17. Instant 20Mb upgrade
  18. File Hosting sites till blocked
  19. Thinking of upgrading to 50mb
  20. Torrents + Throttling
  21. slow connection
  22. Virgin Media Have So Much Bandwidth
  23. 3 Strikes Rule?
  24. we're paying £37 a month for XL 20mb broadband
  25. Traffic managed? WHY? New policy?
  26. Slow broadband speeds - Derby
  27. Whats up with my modem?
  28. Err20 on ntl pace box
  29. quick question, new 50mb installed will powerlevels stay the same?
  30. SK10 3 - Successful engineers visit
  31. Virgin staffers what does this mean?
  32. 32 Hrs. No Broadband. Ticket 1259981.
  33. Reverse DNS change?
  34. Virgin Broadband - Belfast
  35. No broadband or cable TV in RM12
  36. its not true AV sender-messes up internet is it?
  37. Yorkshire Ripped Off - Look at this Ticket
  38. from 20mb to 0.45mb
  39. Slow Broadband after 10pm
  40. Connection died last night in SK10
  41. What speeds should I expect on 20Mbps
  42. my Belkin router is......
  43. Can't connect to modem
  44. Need to replace my router...
  45. rapidshare down for anyone else?
  46. Just got 50mb Broadband - Signal levels ok?
  47. Virgin internet is very slow after configuring new router
  48. 50mb - v.Slow - getting 2-6Mbs in KT4
  49. Derby - Intermittant BB & Phone problems
  50. Pings, Jitter and Agony
  51. Network drives over the internet
  52. Happy with my connection, thank you.
  53. Is Broadband size M meant to be 4MB?
  54. Can you connect a wireless router to the V+ set top box?
  55. Slow Speeds Now After 9pm
  56. Portsmouth maintenance?
  57. I'm an XXL user and i'm getting capped on specific websites
  58. 50MB and streaming - any good?
  59. Wanted to keep BB but...
  60. 50 Meg Speed test site
  61. virgin exntl ntlhome 200 connection issues
  62. 10Mb upload
  63. 50mb Install Query
  64. Cable modem update failing?
  65. DNS Problems?
  66. Question about coaxial cable connector
  67. Signal levels..Are mine ok?
  68. 50Mb - now only getting 14?
  69. How much to upgrade to 50meg
  70. VM Boroadband
  71. Traffic Shaping 3-4pm?
  72. 50 Meg Shaping ?
  73. So i paid the virgin bill, after sevices were suspended and..
  74. What's inside a street cabinet
  75. Packet Loss
  76. Download info needed on 10mb service!!
  77. Traffic Management & Extreme Latency.
  78. 10MB to 20MB Upgrade
  79. Broadband
  80. Something is up with my modem, i think...
  81. BitTorrent slow, other downloads OK
  82. Security Certificate appears when trying to visit National
  83. Traffic management after 9pm
  84. Quick question about my modem.
  85. VM won't let them cancel?
  86. Moving with XL-BB
  87. Which network? Knowsley or Langley?
  88. Bt 36 no connection
  89. Trying to decide between Virgin or Be
  90. What on earth is going on...
  91. Am i being robbed?
  92. Slow Internet - Low Downstream Power
  93. F001105016 Very severe problems
  94. DNS and KEY PORTS
  95. Slow 10 MB broadband every evening - Swindon, SN4
  96. No internet connection on Mac book- advice needed!
  97. OK I asked for it!
  98. will virgin tech know modem is chipped
  99. Static DNS
  100. 50 Mb Query
  101. Virgin Media mail
  102. Docsis Spec
  103. Preston ubr4 = oversubscribed
  104. Problems with 20Mb connection
  105. Off-net Newsgroup Access
  106. Strange Disconnection issues.
  107. Does this look ok?
  108. Internet Speed Fine except with Video Streams (Youtube)
  109. Problematic 50mb modem.
  110. Query about XL prices - no phone line
  111. Black Cable
  112. Exsisting customers being ripped off
  113. Have connection, cannot browse, Help!!
  114. Help!
  115. T3 time out
  116. Ready light flashing, no internet SE9
  117. Slow Connection
  118. How can I get a new Virgin Cable Modem to replace a 3COM CMX
  119. Odd Results
  120. My internet is saying it needs to be activated!
  121. 50Mb in Leamington
  122. Damaged adapter
  123. 50mb Issues Again
  124. vmedia can they cancil my contract
  125. upto 50mb service, slow as anything browsing speeds
  126. do VM need to be more agressive on traffic management?
  127. Sync LED flashing, no internet, 255 Amibit
  128. Erratic 50Mbps service is it an infrastructure problem?
  129. Changing virgins connection to servers?
  130. Problem on the up to 50mb service.
  131. VM log file again
  132. Surfing records
  133. Old webstar modem
  134. "DCC arrive new"
  135. Increased world of warcraft latency
  136. Speed Issue In My Area
  137. Cable Modem RDY Light Flashing
  138. Poor upload speeds?
  139. Say NO to 100Mbps
  140. serious outage in Telford area
  141. WOW! Indian Virgin Technical Support are terrible! (and FTP access)
  142. VM Maintanance
  143. Glasgow North G22 G21 no Connection
  144. 50 meg xbox live probs and lag issues?
  145. Internet randomly stops working.
  146. Constant disconects for last 2years
  147. what is my cable speed?
  148. Modem keeps stopping
  149. BT Infinity
  150. Sam Knows Trials
  151. 50meg Woes
  152. No Response from DNS servers
  153. help with wireless please
  154. Will DNSSEC kill your internet?
  155. virgin virus protection
  156. 50mb top end cap?
  157. Is this right?
  158. VM packages never fair to existing users
  159. 50Mb install-FREE!
  160. Intermiitent loss of internet and V+ dropouts
  161. can someone check these levels for me please
  162. Number of Correctable Codewords Increasing
  163. Trying not to get a technician fee charge! Broadband lag/disconnection
  164. Newsgroup support no more
  165. loss of broadband in renfrewshire
  166. Throttling Issues
  167. 50mb pricing
  168. Modem Levels
  169. Modem Downstream Correct????
  170. Slow upload on my 50mb connection
  171. How would i know i am on a fibre optic area
  172. New Router - Horror Story
  173. Burnley - Bad power levels
  174. Based on speed test what package are we on?
  175. Virgin's Newsgroup
  176. Existing customer pricing confusion
  177. Multiple outages in SG19 area
  178. New router not working
  179. D-link 615 router technical question
  180. DNS issues
  181. Virgin media in Market harborough Leics
  182. Problems with 50mb newsgroups
  183. D-Link Router problems
  184. Can someone please advise about my broadband?
  185. New router PLEASE
  186. Upgrade to 50Mb broadband on VIP
  187. Backup online or not
  188. 50Mb Service - Degraded Performance Using D-Link DIR-615
  189. Tedious connection without a proxy
  190. 50meg hell.
  191. Disconnected VM Box
  192. variable attenuator for intenet
  193. green box
  194. 50meg problem
  195. Virgin Media Intermittent Cable Drop outs
  196. 50mbit question on ubr capacity and jitter
  197. Virgin Media Modem
  198. Letter from Virgin - 50Mb broaband for £3 extra a month
  199. Modem Speed Question
  200. Best broadband deal for exixsting customer.
  201. 7am games by VM????
  202. Internet Slower Then Normal
  203. Wireless Router Capable of Wireless 50Mb transfere?
  204. Upgrading to 20 Meg+
  205. Moving VM Broadband Co Ax
  206. Moving House, Non-Cable area, Can't Even Have Alternative Non-Cable Service
  207. Speed reduced since upgrade
  208. Just wanted to share with you...
  209. Virginmail through outlook
  210. STM Questions - When does it apply?
  211. Broadband Speed Tests?
  212. NHS Direct website
  213. VM "tech support"...uhuh
  214. Looks like VM taken congestion to a new level - leicester west
  215. upgrading
  216. Unable to get access
  217. Virgin messing about with my speeds - Again
  218. Get VM (50Mb) without problems?
  219. Major speed issue North Manchester
  220. Upgrading VIP to 50Mb
  221. upgrade internet speed
  222. Anybody having trouble streaming YouTube videos?
  223. Really Annoyed!
  224. Torrent throttling
  225. 'local only' via WGR614 wireless (Virgin Cable)
  226. email SmartHost?
  227. Internet keeps dropping
  228. 20 Meg Avg 4.59Mb/s
  229. What would you be willing to pay for 10mbit upload rate
  230. No broadband
  231. Wife wants a laptop, so what do I need ?
  232. Upgrading Broadband how long??
  233. What the heck is that all about?
  234. Where do I stand with my contract?
  235. Connection Closed By Peer
  236. Broadband Light on Status Page is Green
  237. Wireless Security on 50Mb
  238. 50 Meg
  239. BB prices once 100Mb/s come available?
  240. Bandwidth throttling controlled through D-Link router?
  241. Whats Happening in Swansea during early hrs?
  242. Poor service in RM17
  243. NTL 250 Modem good for 20mbit?
  244. DNS problems
  245. Sudden recovery after weeks of slow speed just before suport call!
  246. Odd messages in modem log
  247. Setting up broadband on new PC
  248. is wired better
  249. Intermittent Internet
  250. 50Mbps on 20Mbps Connection - What!?

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