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  1. Superhub - are you happy with it ?
  2. Slow broadband
  3. free 2Mb upload speed
  4. super hub issues
  5. Not so Superhub
  6. Extremely slow speed for 6 months - virgin has been extremely unhelpful
  7. intermittent more off than on internet
  8. Couiple of 'Superhub' questions
  9. Superhub WiFi performance?
  10. How often are IP addresses likely to change?
  11. UPnP super hub and xbox
  12. Online Gaming SuperHub Problems
  13. Changing IP address on Superhub?
  14. Does anyone have 100/10 yet?
  15. upload speed
  16. Upgrade to 50mb
  17. cable modem log
  18. Satisfied with 50Mb upgrade
  19. Homeplug networking and superhub?
  20. superhub & S1 Tivo setup help
  21. IPv4 blocks owned by virgin media for consumer use
  22. Superhub installed p2p now rubbish
  23. Broadband woes in DN16
  24. No Broadband in CB21 Area.
  25. 100Mb now available in my area :)
  26. speedtest is far better on ethernet than N wireless
  27. Can reach but can't login
  29. slow ox33
  30. net connection down in ne33..mine never came back
  31. Incompetent 50Mb Installation
  32. true speed
  33. 30Mb and Superhub Advice please
  34. upload speed
  35. 10Mb - Wireless router or Modem issue?
  36. Question about the contents of the "self install kit"
  37. Can't stop the ads
  38. After Midnight slow down
  39. ISP name
  40. Weirdest super hub problem ever!
  41. Beware of virgin media hidden standard charge
  42. Superhub Can i change the DHCP Settings ?
  43. Sent wrong hub. What to do next.
  44. iPad (Logging onto virgin site) problem
  45. Is Virgin's new P2P policy ...
  46. 50mb install, power levels out? not affecting anything so far...
  47. Unstable connection
  48. wightcable speed spot on
  49. Gaming Issue With Super Hub
  50. yet another superhub issue. dns not found
  51. VM finally post news on bridge mode - superhub
  52. Probem with Superhub & Acer Aspire one netbook
  53. Superhub - dropping internet every other day
  54. Questions before upgrading to 30mb
  55. superhub ties you into new 12 month contract
  56. Odd drop out of service 50Mb with Superhub
  57. Before I upgrade to 30MB: I just want a modem
  58. Ps3 wifi
  59. what should my upload speed be on 30mb
  60. can't up load photo's to ebay
  61. Superhub, 10mb to 30mb upgrade, usenet woes.
  62. April's Price increases
  63. HELP! Virgin SuperHub Port Forwarding Problems
  64. superhub internet connection dropping off
  65. The (Not So) Super Hub - plz help !
  66. Jitter issue
  67. 50Mb upgrade worse than before
  68. 30Mb Traffic Management
  69. Security concerns on superhub
  70. Wired connections on Superhub
  71. Help, Internet no longer works after TV installation.
  72. Call Centres
  73. Superhub > 2nd router?
  74. Superhub customer service nightmare
  75. VIP50 Cheaper than VIP30!
  76. * 20Mb Wired Connection Problems (Superhub)
  77. bb upgrade
  78. SuperHub - Atheros Theory
  79. 50 meg upgrade woes
  80. Superhub nightmare
  81. Superhub Settings Questions
  82. Price rise
  83. No Broadband In Renfrew
  84. Received wireless router - not superhub!
  85. Superhub As Modem Only
  86. Different download speeds
  87. Superhub Problem
  88. Internet down in Watford area
  89. Really slow upstream SFTP and FTPS (SuperHub)
  90. Problems reaching a site
  91. Super hub and dyndns
  92. 100mb Superhub I REGRET UPGRADING
  93. Superhub - slow wifi
  94. Does 50meg Superhub NEED an engineer for installation?
  95. SuperHub - Anyone Tried WOL - WAN to PC?
  96. A Noddy question....
  97. 50mb > 100mb Questions
  98. WebMail interface
  99. Virgin Hub
  100. Exceptionally Angry at VM - Help Required
  101. 50 meg always cutting out, very slow speeds etc
  102. Wireless Dropping on SuperHub
  103. Sick of Speed Problems and excuses
  104. Slow peak time speeds in SK8
  105. Superhubs appear on Ebay
  106. 30mb low speed
  107. 100mb Super Hub + Draytec Router = 25% Speed Loss
  108. How to check upgrade from 2mb to 10mb
  109. 20mb connection with slow speeds
  110. Brother's 50 meg drops all the time
  111. My Superhub setup experiance!
  112. Superhub Observations
  113. FFS After engineer visit still getting lower speeds
  114. Help with Superhub and attached devices.
  115. SuperHub subnet
  116. Getting over speed im paying for ?
  117. 30mb Superhub power levels
  118. Wireless connection problem
  119. Superhub setup questions
  120. have i been sent the right hub for 30mb or 50 mb
  121. Question about attenuator ?
  122. Cable from exterior grey box into house
  123. how much is 50mb?
  124. Whats the 50mb free dongle about?
  125. Router Issues
  126. Virgin media cut me off on my 20 mb before I have took delivery of the 30mb superhub
  127. Happy Customer!
  128. Connection Problems B'ham
  129. Problem connecting to BBC Radio Streams ..
  130. Signal strength too high or too low ?
  131. Upgraded From 20-50Meg Slower than ever
  132. Galway server on is wrecked
  133. Superhub & PS3
  134. Most annoying issue with my new superhub
  135. How do I switch between email addresses in Virgin?
  136. Can't login intermittenly to the Virgin Superhub !!
  137. Are VM planning on 10<15Mb?
  138. 30Mb, slow upload issue.
  139. 50 Meg 3.75Mb upload issue
  140. New Malden (KT3) internet problems
  141. Packet Loss on 50mb Connection
  142. Complaint letter to Virgin
  143. ok i have adsl2 at around 10-11mb actual speed is it worth jumping to 50mb cable?
  144. 50 Mbps Upload increase query
  145. Any experience of Virgin Media in the Twickenham area ?
  146. New Traffic Management updated
  147. Router died, can I buy a Super Hub?
  148. Upstream level be altered at the CAB ??
  149. Just been installed - please help
  150. 50MB upload speed upgrade
  151. Packet Loss on 50mb connection
  152. Bournemouth (BH7) 50mb Issues
  153. Would you like a broadband speed boost button? (was:Spoken to Manager)
  154. Traffic Management 3pm to 4pm?
  155. Just been installed, no broadband connection
  156. where to send feedback to for superhub firmware?
  157. Homeplug speeds
  158. Slow Broadband advice please
  159. Some questions re. Superhub (again...)
  160. 30mb/s without superhub?
  161. Surprising customer service message on 151
  162. Broadband 30 with TRIPLES!?
  163. Cannot Access My Media
  164. New speeds & traffic management policy!
  165. Just been offered
  166. network setup help required
  167. Need to do anything?
  168. 50mb speed issue in Crawley RH10 8NL
  169. so when is 50mbit going to be upgraded?
  170. Is my area capable of fast uploads?
  171. Poor service in Haringey
  172. No broadband connection
  173. Changing to WifI help please
  174. 20/30 meg not free upgrade
  175. Upgrade to Hub and Super hub issues
  176. 20 to 30mb question - Do i need the superhub?
  177. super hub gigabit speed question
  178. Igmp
  179. Wi-Fi problem
  180. Upstream Traffic Management Trial 1st of February
  181. Excessive drop outs
  182. Ethernet ports failing
  183. Question before buying virgin services
  184. High pings & Slow speeds in LN2 Lincoln
  185. Strange problem with Super hub
  186. Super Hub - Upload speed issue <1MB/sec
  187. broadband outage in woking (gu22)
  188. 10mb to 15mb upgrade?
  189. 20Mb with new superhub keeps disconnecting
  190. routing issues lu postcodes
  191. Is Virgin Broadband IPv6 ready?
  192. How can I ensure lowest latency possible
  193. thoughts on why performance complaint levels have gone'up'
  194. Dissapointed - Fixed in March...
  195. 50mb speed issue and
  196. Not connecting
  197. Very slow 50mb service for a fee seconds before connection drops/"no internet access"
  198. How are you finding 100mbit on Virgin Media?
  199. 50meg speeds
  200. Are these reading ok (20 meg modem)
  201. Upgraded to 20mb with superhub, but getting packet loss and bad pings in evenings
  202. 10Mb - 20Mb upgrade - will I receieve a Superhub?
  203. belkin n1 vision
  204. Virgin supplies London schools with 10mbps fibre optic broadband
  205. Will Linux work with the Virgin Super Hub?
  206. Routers
  207. Modem randomly switching between QPSK and QAM16
  208. Does vm throttle VPN usage on 50mb connection?
  209. Daft 50 MB Upgrade question
  210. how to get upload issue investigated
  211. Rebooted modem and now slow speeds?
  212. Slow & Non-Existent BB Speeds in the Evenings
  213. superhub was activated but not working - HELP
  215. explain the superhub to me
  216. Another upload speed thread
  217. Detrimental use of broadband
  218. Networking Gurus, can you explain this?
  219. VM <> Alternet <> Verizon latency problem
  220. Loss of Internet Liverpool (L6 postal area)
  221. Wifi network
  222. Anyone have a DIR-615 and encountered DHCP problems?
  223. Is not about time Virgin sorted their crappy Youtube streaming?
  224. Connection problems with Apple Airport
  225. Big Lag Spikes While Gaming Evening Only
  226. Wireless/wired download speeds
  227. Superhub username.
  228. 50mb Connection Dropping Every Few Minutes
  229. Cant get Superhub to work
  230. Upload Speed Increase 50mb
  231. upload speeds 20mb
  232. Giganews connection problems?
  233. think power surge knocked out broadband\tv help
  234. 300kb upload on XL BB?
  235. who is it ?
  236. VM and Black Ops
  237. New 50Mb install, teething problems
  238. Speed downgrade timeline.
  239. New 50mb instal
  240. 50mb hub guest
  241. 30mb timescale
  242. help needed confused!!!!
  243. 50mb Broadband modem issue
  244. Is the modem fubared or something else?
  245. Astraweb SSL throttling
  246. praise where it is due
  247. UPnP setup
  248. Lincoln gets faster upload speed
  249. St Albans/Hemel problem?
  250. 18 month contracts

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