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  1. 100M To those who have 100Mbit on VMNG300
  2. 100M How did you upgrade to 100mb?
  3. 50M What is 6100KB/s in connection speed terms?
  4. Superhub hardware query
  5. Superhub 'Superhub' & DD-WRT D-Link 615
  6. 50M Connection problems since around Wed 1st June - gaming
  7. Superhub Router keeps freezing - no access to admin page via ethernet..
  8. 50M 50Mb getting 1Mb connection to xboxlive.
  9. 20M Not enough bandwidth to view youtube videos without pausing.
  10. VM Router What is the generic passord for VM routers
  11. 30M Norwich Upload Upgrade
  12. samknows
  13. Superhub Superhub problems
  14. 50M Ping Plotter
  15. 30M Virgin Media Virus Letter?
  16. 50M Virgin gaming advert - fact or fiction?
  17. 100M Whats a good wireless router to buy
  18. Modem Power Levels across all platforms
  19. VM Router Decent Wireless N Router?
  20. Egg Money Manager
  21. ADSL Virgin Total Security Anti Virus Configuration
  22. 10M Modem stats, shall I add a splitter?
  23. 50M Internet slow and can't access a lot of sites?
  24. 50M Virgin blocking certain sites?
  25. 10M Intermittent internet load up speed
  26. 30M internet useless!
  27. Poor speeds
  28. 20M dns issues ts5 ?
  29. What is the correct traffic management\peak hours?
  30. broken
  31. moving house - taking over Virgin broadband
  32. 20M 20mb Superhub dropping connection
  33. enat light not on......Very confused!!
  34. Superhub Superhub Configuration Question
  35. 10M Speed and ping way low today DN35
  36. virgin phone line speeds
  37. 10M can't get past this!
  38. Superhub Superhub problem.
  39. 50M Serious Virgin Cable Routing Issues
  40. Superhub Losing wireless connection
  41. 50M Mixed signals on FUP
  42. 50M 50mb down to 20mb back to 50mb requires activation fee + engineer?
  43. 50M BBC iPlayer very slow since upload lift
  44. 100M Slower than Expected, help please
  45. Superhub Lets get the bottom of this
  46. 100M Upgrade from 50mb to 100mb
  47. Superhub I'm just about sick of the Superhub......
  48. 100M Can I go back to 50mbit without a superhub?
  49. Superhub Virgin Media Superhub 50mb problem
  50. Superhub Virgin media vmng300
  51. VM Router do you use wired or wireless to connect to router?
  52. 30M Loss of service
  53. 50M Net totally dead - Manchester 32
  54. Superhub Super Hub as access point?
  55. 100M Max Traffic 30mb on 100mb install?
  56. 100M Just joined Virgin Media
  57. News Server
  58. 100M Advice from VM Staff please...
  59. Thinkbroadband speed test improved
  60. 50M N Dongle Issues
  61. 50M What the heck is going on?
  62. 100M Not very happy
  63. 100M Schedule
  64. Superhub Channel for 5GHz
  65. 20M Thank You VM
  66. Superhub Keeps disconnecting
  67. 50M Warned over usage on 50meg service?!
  68. 100M Thank You Virgin Media.
  69. 50M 50mb Broadband Upstream gone down
  70. 10M Broadband dropping out same 4 times in the last week
  71. 50M Sudden loss of modem sync
  72. Which is the virgin street cabinet?
  73. 10M VM 'Hub' - Should I - Shouldn't I?
  74. 30M Positive feedback... for a change!
  75. 30M Just got upgraded today!
  76. Superhub can't connect to internet with security enabled
  77. Dial Up Internet usage moniter
  78. 50M Problems with my net
  79. 50M Download limit or not?
  80. 20M Wireless connection keeps disconnecting ?
  81. Superhub Online gaming using Superhub
  82. 30M Just phoned for the upgrade from 20
  83. 10M Connection issues?
  84. How to change your ip address
  85. 20M Modem logs full of this message
  86. 10M Connection dropping, but modem lights remain healthy.
  87. Phone switch
  88. Superhub Signal strength problems
  89. 50M Return Existing Router/Modem at Upgrade
  90. Upgrading to 30 meg BB - Couple of queries
  91. 10M Portsmouth area problems?
  92. 30M Thorliebank Glasgow now 10:1 download to upload
  93. Who has a spare tin foil hat?
  94. 30M 3-4pm 'happy hour' gone?
  95. 30M Le3 6 - network access denied?
  96. 50M 5Mb Upload upgrade
  97. Preston Upload Speed Just Been Increased?
  98. Superhub Super hub not made for gaming...
  99. Superhub Superhub WIFI issue need help
  100. 50M Dropouts and high ping rates
  101. Downgrade from 50Mb to either 30/10Mb question
  102. VM Router 0070 fault code
  103. Superhub dual router through superhub
  104. 50M VM internet security
  105. Upload speed jitter?
  106. 20M Router drops conntion - DHCP renew works but why?
  107. 100M Upgrading to 100MB online?
  108. 10M Speed not going over 2.34 MB
  109. 30M My Stats and PM from Virgin
  110. Modem only or Modem/Router
  111. 50M Hows this possible??
  112. Superhub Superhub Firmwares? Are they going anywhere?
  113. Superhub keep losing connection
  114. 10M Broadband pricing rant.
  115. Superhub Thank you virginmedia.
  116. IPv6 Day 8 June 2011
  117. Port virgin news feed to iPhone?
  118. Superhub Dual Band
  119. Superhub Superhub and YouTube
  120. Superhub another superhub should I or shouldn't I question.
  121. 50M keep losing connection
  122. Virgin availability in my area
  123. 10M switch account within minimum contract period
  124. VM Router Flashing ready light?
  125. 100M 100 meg BB
  126. Superhub Can no longer split the signal
  127. 20M Painfully Slow Connection
  128. 10M Virgin Media & Vonage
  129. Possible Bug in VMNG300 firmware?
  130. 30M Virgin Media 30mbps problems with Apple Airport Extreme
  131. VM Router Help Needed with Virgin/Netgear Wireless N Cable Router/Modem
  132. 20M Can't Access Loads of Websites!
  133. Superhub Wireless problem when connecting to online games
  134. 10M Mostly good news, W2K laptop out in the cold: anyone connected W2K via ethernet?
  135. Superhub Superhub 10 mb to 30mb upgrade
  136. Superhub Superhub & Virgin Media Business
  137. Superhub What's this about ?
  138. 50M No Broadband Beckenham (Bromley Area)
  139. 20M Is VM slowing down traffic
  140. 20M Want new modem wired
  141. 50M SuperHub > Draytek Vigor2820n problems
  142. 'HomeSafe' for VirginMedia??
  143. Superhub wireless drop and poor xbox live
  144. Superhub Multiple Subnets with Virgin Superhub?
  145. Superhub No connection on pc start up
  146. 50M Modem settings altered overnight
  147. Superhub Superhub and repeating
  148. Xbox live bandwidth usage
  149. 30M Jitter making it impossible to game... Any help?
  150. 50M Internal DNS
  151. 50M Cant hold the connection for more than 8 seconds.
  152. 10M Intermittent Fault. CS Confirmed in Area.
  153. Superhub Video freezing on r26
  154. help, need proof
  155. Superhub Can you help out my family?
  156. 10M Set top box dead?
  157. 50M AUP Warning Letter - how much is too much?
  158. Who has the best broadband.
  159. Derby Slow Speed - DE21
  160. Superhub Technical question!
  161. Superhub Can I give a Superhub to a friend?
  162. Types of attenuators
  163. 100M Tech Guy did it perfect
  164. 10M Looking ahead-NAS/printer sharing
  165. Virgin media locking customer to customer connections!??
  166. 30M Modem speed capabilities
  167. 30M Birmingham small heath upload upgrade
  168. Qam16/qpsk
  169. 50M Installed Finally But...
  170. 100M 50MB to 100MB upgrade
  171. Superhub Cannot get full upload speed
  172. 50M Street connection box
  173. An introduction to DOCSIS (in 2 parts)
  174. OFCOM warns rivals over infrastructure share pricing......
  175. Virgin Media Internet Security
  176. VM Router Virgin Hub vmdg280 slow on youtube
  177. At least VM can get somrthing right!
  178. 50M help with connection
  179. Installation Query regarding external cabling
  180. 50M Why do this to me
  181. 50M Dropouts Yet Again
  182. 30M disconnecting issues
  183. 50M International speed result.
  184. 10M connection dropping
  185. 10M 10Mb Not 20Mb
  186. 50M Connection loss
  187. Superhub Slow upload speed
  188. 20M RG12 - reading area down?
  189. 20M is it possible to change my ip?
  190. 30M Broadbad speed
  191. CMTS Status website (might come in usefull)
  192. 10M Quick broadband question
  193. Superhub Netgear Superhub - Can't connect wirelessly
  194. Superhub Internet dies over night
  195. VM Routing and
  196. Advanced Network Error Search
  197. 50M Dead Connection
  198. Superhub Something interesting on superhub and something annoying
  199. 20M Modem Signal levels
  200. 50M Power levels + channel bonding (not an issue just curious)
  201. Superhub Internet Dropping on 30 meg
  202. What is the UBR for Peckham?
  203. 20M Wifi disconnections and "Server not found"
  204. 10M YouTube and iPlayer broken on 10 meg
  205. 30M Can I use my old Sky router as a booster?
  206. Superhub netgear VMDG480 NAS issue
  207. 10M Homepage ads.
  208. 50M Why has my service gone poop since monday?
  209. Superhub Ping and tracert not working
  210. Convincing VM to extend their network
  211. 30M Hotspot Shield and Super Hub
  212. 30M Youtube streaming freezes
  213. 30M Fast speed - slow surfing
  214. VM Router TBB Broadband quality
  215. 30M Virgin Media Service Status
  216. 30M Virgin being good tonight !
  217. Superhub Superhub "access denied", reboot needed to fix(log included)
  218. 50M Webcache Proxy Very Slow
  219. Problems with viewing bills on my virgin
  220. Should I go with VM cable Broadband....
  221. Broadband Usage On 29-04-2011 Royal Wedding
  222. 30M Poor performance.
  223. 50M slow usenet speeds
  224. 50M Over Utilised Bank Holiday
  225. RG42 Down
  226. Superhub Network Access: Denied (another one)
  227. 100M Dark Age of Camelot Lag
  228. VM as a company
  229. Superhub Cant access / download from certain sites
  230. 30M Virgin Media (pricing strategy)
  231. 50M broadband issues in Huddersfield HD4
  232. 10M XBOX Live Disconnections
  233. Superhub 30mb dropouts
  234. Superhub Network Access: Denied
  235. Shorter cable ?
  236. 30M packet loss
  237. mystery traffic
  238. uddingston headend?
  239. 1.5Gb
  240. 50M Hotfile Problems yet again
  241. 10M New Router Won't Connect To Internet
  242. 30M Power levels and signal levels
  243. Superhub any info
  244. 50M is it worth upgrading to 50mbit?
  245. 50M My Virgin Media
  246. 50M Upstream scheduling type
  247. upgrade??
  248. Superhub SH reboot via web interface
  249. Superhub Superhub update today ?
  250. 30M Sharing speed around computers

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