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  1. Superhub Offshore call centre knowledge
  2. 30M God-awful unreliable service LE11
  3. 10M New Cable Wireless router needed
  4. IP11 down until 9am
  5. 30M BL9 area...Shockingly poor broadband
  6. VM Broadband support tel number
  7. 50M Outages How long can they go on for?
  8. 50M Jitter/connection problems
  9. Superhub Internet woun't connect trough wireless
  10. Exposed cable affecting broadband speed ?
  11. 10M Are 10 meg customers being conned ?
  12. 10M overseas bad service
  13. 100M All good things come to those who wait
  14. VM Router Does VMDG 280 modem/router support VoIP telephony?
  15. 100M Post your 100Mb Thinkbroadband quality monitors here.
  16. 100M Internet Packet Loss
  17. 50M Bye Bye Virginmedia
  18. Superhub Virgin Super Hub & VoiP
  19. Superhub Upgrade
  20. checking device details
  21. ADSL Where do i go to for My Bills
  22. Superhub So exactly how good is modem mode?
  23. 30M Connection randomly dropping
  24. VM Router Problems with VOIP setup using VMDG 280 modem/router
  25. 30M VM Newsgroups up and down lately
  26. 50M how long for delivery of superhub?
  27. 100M The 10pm 'bump'
  28. 30M Newcastle Problems
  29. 100M Problems accessing some sites
  30. Download limit per month?
  31. 20M Too much NOISE on my line
  32. Help - Virgin Media Employees
  33. 20M Update On Loss Of Connetion
  34. 100M anyone have problems with astranews or supernews this morning.
  35. Cancelling Broadband, what happens to email ?
  36. Superhub Randomly Rebooting Superhub - Very Annoying
  37. 30M How to extend the range of the 30Mb modem / router
  38. 20M Losing Connection .. Reboot but Lost Again in 4-5 Mins
  39. 10M Ambit 256
  40. Superhub Varying Wireless speeds
  41. 20M Slow speed burnley
  42. 100M T4 Timeout causes router to drop connection until restart
  43. 50M Can't register for Spotify!!!!!
  44. 10M Full speed downloading, only 2MB streaming and speed tests
  45. Superhub Superhub and FIFA 12 PC
  46. 50M Upload speed test
  47. 100M Pay more for 100mb but get a worse service
  48. 100M VM Cancellation policy?
  49. 30M Connection grinding to a halt since a week ago?!
  50. 20M problems with internet Halesowen (Virgin) streaming etc
  51. 100M 100mb power levels
  52. VM Router Ethernet great, wireless, not so good!
  53. Superhub skygo virgin media
  54. 100M Superhub IP Address
  55. 30M No connection
  56. M14 Fallowfield Poor Speeds
  57. 30M ummm whats going on....
  58. 50M Periodic disconnects?
  59. Increasing packetloss and ping
  60. Service status checker
  61. 100M canceled upgrade
  62. Slow speeds nationwide today
  63. 100M 100mb & D-Link DIR-655
  64. Superhub VMNG300 > Superhub worth it yet?
  65. Virgin media wifi issue
  66. 30M just had the 30mb installed and having problem connecting 2 ea server
  67. Superhub Rebooting Regularly - Are Virgin Doing Updates?
  68. 50M Just doesnt seem like 50meg , Gaming , ping , jitter
  69. 30M Gaming lag during peak hours
  70. 50M Changing ubr's? fixing packet loss
  71. Troubleshooting Advice Please.
  72. Superhub Business Superhub, routed subnet and Airport Extreme
  73. 100M Small Download Speed Upgrade
  74. 50M Price increase 50 > 100Mb
  75. 50M Strange 50M problem over night.
  76. 100M 100mb upgrade form 50mb
  77. 50M i thank my Super Hub has 4 Downstream ghost Channels ???
  78. 20M Not maxxing out newsgroups any more
  79. 20M Connection Dropping
  80. 100M Get ready for the biggest joke ever.......
  81. 30M New upload limits
  82. 20M Broadband out in HP2
  83. Superhub 50 Mb business Broadband Wireless Speed Issue
  84. Just had VM Broadband installed and have a quick Question!
  85. 50M 50Meg Down 5Meg up Is this download speed correct?
  86. 100M My Packet loss
  87. 20M OX12 Issues
  88. Superhub Stopped working all of a sudden
  89. 50M High Power Levels
  90. 100M Port 443
  91. 10M Slow in Leeds!!
  92. 100M Anyone with Apple Airport Extreme?
  93. Opinions of Spotify offer ?
  94. 50M Absolutely awful bandwidth and ping/jitter at peak times
  95. 100M 100MB upgrade price and superhub info
  96. 50M Star Wars The Old Republic Blocked?
  97. 50M Can anyone access
  98. Superhub & Wi-Fi Strength on Smartphones
  99. 10M Virgin Media Crashes My System
  100. Superhub Low Latency and Bad Speeds.
  101. 30M Something strange.... Free uplift?
  102. Connecting to Internet Using Different PC
  103. Signing in
  104. 50M IP Address changed
  105. 50M Upload REDUCED from 5mbit to 1.75mbit?
  106. 50M Has 50Mb been quietly upgraded?
  107. 100M Thinking of 100meg
  108. BT 100Mbit FTTH Launched
  109. 50M Anyone know?
  110. 50M 50MB on VMNG300
  111. 100M Basingstoke area?
  112. New Acceptable Usage Policy from VM (discussion)
  113. Mixed messages on outages
  114. Superhub superhub info needed
  115. 50M When should I start to worry about speed?
  116. Superhub superhub resetting
  117. V Stuff
  118. 50M Is 50Mb still Traffic management free but for the upload
  119. 100M Portsmouth area down ?
  120. Superhub PS3 connection prblem
  121. 100M Newsgroup problem in Glasgow
  122. Service outage M41 area (again)
  123. 10M not great at all
  124. Length of time before you're a new customer?
  125. 50M New Business Services - Connect to Draytek
  126. Superhub New 30mb install poor wireless performance
  127. Superhub xbox360/pc MW3
  128. Small outage in RM14
  129. VM Router Unable to access a particular website
  130. Got new contract after getting Superhub is that right?
  131. 50M Superhub 50mb PS3 very slow any solutions yet?
  132. Virgin Media Security v10
  133. having to reset modem and router
  134. Superhub Is it any good yet?
  135. 30M Upload speed still not upgraded but paid for...
  136. 30M Moved channels?
  137. Glasgow area - broadband down since Sunday
  138. 10M SNR problem.. and strange modem parameters
  139. 10M Traffic Managed but not hit limit
  140. How much would it cost me?
  141. 30M Power levels are they ok and what network am I on?
  142. 100M Is 100Mb 12 or 18 months contract for current customers
  143. 20M No internet ready light flashing
  144. 10M diff prices quoted for upgrade to 30mb
  145. 50M Any idea whats going on with my connection?
  146. 50M superhub settings
  147. 30M Upgrade? I think not.
  148. 20M Reading, Berkshire area slow speeds please log the fault with Virgin
  149. 50M Slow speeds at certain times
  150. Superhub Superhub and Superhub USB adapter
  151. thinking of joining Virgin
  152. 50M Number one son's nutty connection...
  153. My Virgin Media
  154. Superhub Insanely poor Wifi
  155. 50M Upload
  156. Downgrade to 10Mbps?
  157. 100M New rollout timetable.
  158. 50M 100mb in Lincoln
  159. Worried about my download speeds
  160. Superhub Do I have to have a superhub for XL
  161. 30M superhub = junk
  162. 30M No sync Leicester
  163. 50M Dodgy traffic management
  164. 50M Virgin Going downhill ?
  165. 50M virgin media SUPERHUB question 50meg
  166. Superhub Settings up and activating info required
  167. 30M Keywords for virgin technical support! Please help
  168. 30M How reliable is 30MB ? Should I stick with 10MB ?
  169. Superhub Modem mode IP question
  170. 30M Speed dropping fast. Bottlenecking?
  171. Superhub superhub rebooted when V+ hit for Sky HD channels sent
  172. 10M Been away - now I'm back -
  173. 10M Virgin Media Hub
  174. 10M Sunday Night- Ping/ Packetloss screwed
  175. 50M North London - Stone cold dead !
  176. 20M Very slow download speeds for several weeks
  177. 20M Packet loss
  178. 100M What Kind of Ethernet Cable is best?
  179. 100M Question About Old Property and 100 Mb Internet Connection...
  180. 50M poor ping measurements
  181. Grooveshark
  182. What happens to old IP address?
  183. 30mb Broadband in Peterborough
  184. 50M Computer numpty, slow connection.
  185. 100M Slow upload in Newcastle
  186. 30M Do VM still send out routers?
  187. 20M 20M to 30M - Prices?
  188. Superhub new hub
  189. Average Usage Per Month By Tier
  190. More Virgin Latency
  191. ADSL BT or not BT, that is the question
  192. Why don't Virginmedia....
  193. Virgin Media Spotify
  194. Superhub poor wifi speeds
  195. 50M Keep losing internet
  196. Is my virgin media down ?
  197. 20M Slow speeds since Tivo install
  198. 100M Ranging in progress - Portsmouth
  199. 10M Broadband Size M
  200. 10M Warrington Fault?
  201. 100M Install delay
  202. 100M Upgraded 50Mb to 100MB and now worse off
  203. 100M Just upgraded to 100Mb Hayes
  204. BRAVIA 2 KDL-40EX401 + TIVO box
  205. 10M Can't get higher than 256 kbps upstream
  206. Superhub modem mode
  207. 50M sunday
  208. 10M Why am i still capped?
  209. Superhub Really awful pingtest results
  210. Superhub SSH Session Timeouts?
  211. Can Anyone Tell Me What This Little Box Is?
  212. 50M Google+ Images
  213. uBR / Linecard upgrades?
  214. 30M DMZ mode for PS3
  215. 10M Ready light flashing
  216. 50M How the Hell does one get a fault fixed these days?
  217. Superhub superhub restrict times on guest network
  218. 30M Speed help needed
  219. Has something happened to the VM Internet service ?
  220. Superhub critical error warning ??
  221. 10M Cant get easy modem swap
  222. ASA points out to Virgin Media that latency is not download speed
  223. 20M Unexpected "Issues" in Area 31 (Lichfield)
  224. 100M VIP50 to VIP100
  225. 20M Slow download speeds WV11
  226. 50M Options for cancelling broadband?
  227. 10M Downloading NZB'S Problem
  228. 10M send/recv LEDs light off
  229. 30MB to 50MB would it be a new contract?
  230. 50M Downgrade from 10m
  231. 30M Downgrading from 30mb to 10mb
  232. VM Community board replies now a week in arrears
  233. Eh?
  234. Superhub Superhub issues
  235. 50M Can't connect to certain sites
  236. 30M any advice or help please
  237. New advertised speed rules for ISPs
  238. 30M Slow upload Leicester LE3
  239. Why VM get criticised
  240. VM Router DIR 615
  241. VM Router Virgin Media Hub
  242. 50M Friends Reunited
  243. DNS issues
  244. Superhub Dropping SNR
  245. 50M DS1 stream only
  246. 50M Slow broadband in Brighton?
  247. Virgin Media on-line complaints
  248. 10M Quick question
  249. Dispute over IP address with VOIP service
  250. 10M possible problem

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