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  1. 50M Newsgroups unusable even at 1am!
  2. 50M Intermittent Connections
  3. 10M Business Line
  4. 30M Poor Internet Speed Like Dial up
  5. 50M Pitifully slow newsgroup speeds during the evening
  6. Superhub wireless "n"
  7. 100M Uddingston improvements ?
  8. 20M U.S.A internet censorship bill...
  9. VM Router VMDG280 dropping VPN sessio every 59 minutes
  10. 100M 50mb to 100mb
  11. 100M VMNG300 92Mbit limit
  12. Free speed upgrades for all
  13. NNTP Ports - Which are throttled?
  14. 10M Upgrading to 30mb, confused on pricing
  15. 30M Are these power settings fine for a 30mb connection?
  16. MAJOR NETWORK ISSUE (17 Jan 2012)
  17. Formula 1™ Grand Prix™ 2012 season with Sky Sports F1™ on Virgin TV
  18. Anyone else experiencing slow internet?
  19. VM Router & xBox Live
  20. 50M Different speed tests Giving different results?
  21. 50M Onlive port blocking / throttling ?
  22. 50M Problems in B21
  23. 30M Upgrade to 60mbit questions?
  24. 30M loss of broadband virgin media
  25. 20M Tweaking SuperHub
  26. 50M Came back to 50mb, wish I hadn't...
  27. 50M Upload speed
  28. 30M Virgin media 30mb upgrade
  29. Superhub Want to buy a router to take over from my superhub
  30. Problem in SK10 and SK11
  31. 100M Latency issue speeds and packet loss at prime times
  32. VM Router issues in area 20
  33. 50M Can anything be done about jitter and packet loss
  34. VM Router What router do they provide nowadays?
  35. 100M Self check
  36. 50M Oops!
  37. 20M Left hand v Right hand.?????
  38. Phone no or email to complain!
  39. 50M Anyone else
  40. 100M VM to go up to 120mb
  41. Superhub Use a Repeater with Virgin Super Hub
  42. 50M Virgin 'Tickle' assumes wrong speed?
  43. 10M Losing connection frequently
  44. Superhub How to force software update?
  45. Broadband upgrade post code checker
  46. 100M Q regarding channel ID, power and speeds
  47. 100M Regarding the free upgrade
  48. 100M Terrible performance in Watford recently
  49. 10M Grrrrinding to a halt
  50. VM Router VMNG300
  51. 50M Channel Width/Channel: 20MHz or 40MHz
  52. 30M If i upgrade to 50mbit tonight...
  53. 10M Broadband M (up to 10Mb) to Broadband L (10Mb) upgrade?
  54. 10M Slower package = happy at last
  55. 100M New Rollout timetable
  56. Superhub Virgin Media Super Hub ??
  57. 100M Uddingston Up to 100Mb broadband
  58. Virgin Media to double the speed of customer broadband
  59. Superhub Salford UBRS + Superhub upload
  60. 50M download podcasts stopped = err 500 in itunes
  61. Superhub What hardware versions / revisions of the superhub are there?
  62. Unemployed
  63. 50M 50mb Data cap
  64. Think broadband monitor
  65. Superhub Ethernet ports don't auto negotiate to 1Gbit correctly
  66. 50M Unpredictable Connection :(
  67. Superhub Intermittent "no connection" on computer with superhub !
  68. Superhub How to connect Virgin Super Hub to different points of coax cable?
  69. 100M Any problems in Lincoln
  70. 50M Uddingston upload speed improvement
  71. 50M Can you see something wrong here? *Video*
  72. 50M virgin media are replacing all the green boxes in my area
  73. Superhub Wrong modem?
  74. Superhub Did I get a good deal - confused?
  75. Still on QAM upstream a year on
  76. Pricing errors or being ripped off?
  77. 20M Bandwidth question
  78. 100M FYI - 100Mb Now Available in Luton (LU2)
  79. Superhub Superhub 50mb and Usenet Slow Download Issues
  80. Superhub What connection should be quicker?
  81. 20M burnley again??
  82. Any truth in this?
  83. 100M 100 Mbs In Poole
  84. 100M Decided to come back..
  85. 20M Upgrading to 30 mb saga
  86. 20M Speed randomly inconsistent
  87. Superhub Port Forwarding help for the Virginmedia VMDG480
  88. Superhub slow wireless
  89. 10M VM Advanced Search
  90. 30M contract
  91. Superhub Upgrade to 50Mb vm300
  92. Superhub Iomega NAS Cloud & Superhub
  93. Superhub Firewall needs switching off everyday
  94. Connection/Billion router queries
  95. 50M Ongoing issue, Virgin claiming there's no problem!
  96. Anyone else getting really borked speeds this afternoon?
  97. 50M Astraweb very slow?
  98. Superhub power limits
  99. Regular drops for short periods
  100. 20M Grind to almost a halt
  101. Anyone had a 5th channel added?
  102. Dial Up Are Virgin Media Broadband users also able to use the Dial Up internet service?
  103. 10M Connection speed drops and picks up.
  104. 50M Fair usage on VM
  105. ADSL cancelling VM national broadband within contract period
  106. 50M Backup and storage
  107. Traffic Management
  108. Superhub Simultaneous Bands
  109. 20M Have VM really become this incompetent or is this deliberate?
  110. Superhub Wireless link to HP 3050A printer
  111. 10M Virgin blocking non-virgin DNS again?
  112. Superhub Superhub Telnet
  113. 20M Cost of just BB on Virgin??????
  114. 30M Annoying issue in East London
  115. VM Router Wireless with EO8C007 modem?
  116. Short-tem bb connection
  117. DIR615 Help
  118. Superhub Superhub - Port Speed
  119. Slow Downloads from Apple
  120. Wireless Options- Please help
  121. 10M Trend micro security
  122. Superhub Superhub in Modem mode
  123. Superhub Superhub Log In??
  124. Wireless Hub - New Install
  125. Superhub Wired Connection SuperHub Woes!
  126. Superhub Superhub Modem Mode + DD-WRT
  127. 50M Slow Internet
  128. New VM internet security software - is it any good?
  129. 20M Burnley Dodgy Connection
  130. Superhub Keep losing wired connection
  131. 20M Slow Speeds
  132. Superhub Modem mode - what does it fix ?
  133. Is it possible for VM to lay a new cable to our premises?
  134. 100M just rang VM to upgrade to 100mb
  135. Business Broadband
  136. 50M 50mb BB Slower then 30mb!?
  137. Forward Path Attenuators
  138. 100M Apple Airport Extreme And 100MB
  139. 30M 90GB to download
  140. 10M Portsmouth Speed Running At Less than 1mb
  141. Superhub Modem Mode - Upload Speed
  142. Superhub SuperHub becomes standard kit
  143. The other man's grass is not greener.
  144. Superhub using adsl modem/router as an access point?
  145. Superhub Connecting your own wireless router to SuperHub
  146. 50M Is it worth complaining about?
  147. 10M Virgin media, internet dropping out
  148. Superhub can we really write it off?
  149. Over Utilisation...The laymans story
  150. 100M Wirless router required for virgin broadband
  151. Over Utilisation..VM Broadband grinding to a halt.
  152. 100M 100mb is now 110mb
  153. 10M Sudenly gone from 10M to < 0.3M
  154. 10M How to tell which DOCSIS I am on?
  155. 50M is upgrading from 30M to 50M really worth it?
  156. 100M Internet Speed problems in DN35
  157. 100M Slow Speeds and Jittery Ping in Manchester (M20)
  158. 50M Superhub and Existing Firewall
  159. Superhub how to block access
  160. 100M Hmmm.... whats happened?
  161. Problem Connecting To Internet With New Router
  162. 50M Upload speeds
  163. 10M New Customer Vs Existing Customers.
  164. 100M 50 to 100mb
  165. 100M Upgrading From 50mb To 100mb
  166. Superhub Offshore call centre knowledge
  167. 30M God-awful unreliable service LE11
  168. 10M New Cable Wireless router needed
  169. IP11 down until 9am
  170. 30M BL9 area...Shockingly poor broadband
  171. VM Broadband support tel number
  172. 50M Outages How long can they go on for?
  173. 50M Jitter/connection problems
  174. Superhub Internet woun't connect trough wireless
  175. Exposed cable affecting broadband speed ?
  176. 10M Are 10 meg customers being conned ?
  177. 10M overseas bad service
  178. 100M All good things come to those who wait
  179. VM Router Does VMDG 280 modem/router support VoIP telephony?
  180. 100M Post your 100Mb Thinkbroadband quality monitors here.
  181. 100M Internet Packet Loss
  182. 50M Bye Bye Virginmedia
  183. Superhub Virgin Super Hub & VoiP
  184. Superhub Upgrade
  185. checking device details
  186. ADSL Where do i go to for My Bills
  187. Superhub So exactly how good is modem mode?
  188. 30M Connection randomly dropping
  189. VM Router Problems with VOIP setup using VMDG 280 modem/router
  190. 30M VM Newsgroups up and down lately
  191. 50M how long for delivery of superhub?
  192. 100M The 10pm 'bump'
  193. 30M Newcastle Problems
  194. 100M Problems accessing some sites
  195. Download limit per month?
  196. 20M Too much NOISE on my line
  197. Help - Virgin Media Employees
  198. 20M Update On Loss Of Connetion
  199. 100M anyone have problems with astranews or supernews this morning.
  200. Cancelling Broadband, what happens to email ?
  201. Superhub Randomly Rebooting Superhub - Very Annoying
  202. 30M How to extend the range of the 30Mb modem / router
  203. 20M Losing Connection .. Reboot but Lost Again in 4-5 Mins
  204. 10M Ambit 256
  205. Superhub Varying Wireless speeds
  206. 20M Slow speed burnley
  207. 100M T4 Timeout causes router to drop connection until restart
  208. 50M Can't register for Spotify!!!!!
  209. 10M Full speed downloading, only 2MB streaming and speed tests
  210. Superhub Superhub and FIFA 12 PC
  211. 50M Upload speed test
  212. 100M Pay more for 100mb but get a worse service
  213. 100M VM Cancellation policy?
  214. 30M Connection grinding to a halt since a week ago?!
  215. 20M problems with internet Halesowen (Virgin) streaming etc
  216. 100M 100mb power levels
  217. VM Router Ethernet great, wireless, not so good!
  218. Superhub skygo virgin media
  219. 100M Superhub IP Address
  220. 30M No connection
  221. M14 Fallowfield Poor Speeds
  222. 30M ummm whats going on....
  223. 50M Periodic disconnects?
  224. Increasing packetloss and ping
  225. Service status checker
  226. 100M canceled upgrade
  227. Slow speeds nationwide today
  228. 100M 100mb & D-Link DIR-655
  229. Superhub VMNG300 > Superhub worth it yet?
  230. Virgin media wifi issue
  231. 30M just had the 30mb installed and having problem connecting 2 ea server
  232. Superhub Rebooting Regularly - Are Virgin Doing Updates?
  233. 50M Just doesnt seem like 50meg , Gaming , ping , jitter
  234. 30M Gaming lag during peak hours
  235. 50M Changing ubr's? fixing packet loss
  236. Troubleshooting Advice Please.
  237. Superhub Business Superhub, routed subnet and Airport Extreme
  238. 100M Small Download Speed Upgrade
  239. 50M Price increase 50 > 100Mb
  240. 50M Strange 50M problem over night.
  241. 100M 100mb upgrade form 50mb
  242. 50M i thank my Super Hub has 4 Downstream ghost Channels ???
  243. 20M Not maxxing out newsgroups any more
  244. 20M Connection Dropping
  245. 100M Get ready for the biggest joke ever.......
  246. 30M New upload limits
  247. 20M Broadband out in HP2
  248. Superhub 50 Mb business Broadband Wireless Speed Issue
  249. Just had VM Broadband installed and have a quick Question!
  250. 50M 50Meg Down 5Meg up Is this download speed correct?

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