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Telewest Broadband Online Console Gaming Pack Launched

# Jul 16, 08:07 PM by Cable Forum

An new online gaming pack deal has been launched by Telewest Blueyonder, in a bid to encourage XBox and PS2 users to use the Telewest broadband service. Cost of the online console gaming pack is £30.

To take advantage of these offerings you need a blueyonder broadband connection of 750K or higher, if you are a 750K customer, a £5 fee is charged per month, whilst customers on the higher speed tiers of 1.5MB or 3MB will not have to pay the extra fee.

The Xbox starter pack includes:-

  • A 12-month subscription to the Xbox Live service.
  • A blueyonder dual connector. This allows you to use your console and PC at the same time, saving you the hassle of having to disconnect one to use the other.
  • A free game – Project Gotham Racing 2. The ultimate test of racing skill, style and daring.
  • An Xbox Live Headset. This lets you talk with team mates and taunt opponents.

More information available here.

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